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Prototyping Weeknotes #83

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Tristan Ferne | 10:06 UK time, Monday, 31 October 2011

Our team's quite big now and these weeknotes have been getting quite long so here are just some snippets from this week...

Duncan got a custom scheduler app using the momentapp API up and running on our servers and has started firing HTTP requests to this so we can send notifications.
Pete's been working with Laura to consolidate the UX thinking around the Programme List alerts and wireframe some basic preferences options.

Sean was in Prague on Monday and Tuesday this week at the GStreamer
conference. One theme that emerged was that streaming protocol authors have recognised the need to include timestamp information in-band for synchronisation. Andrew dusted off the Autumnwatch secondscreen content to see how we can repurpose it for the LIMO project.

Roderick is deploying the tagging code of ABC-IP in the cloud in order to run speech recognition over the decades of programme content we have. Chris L has been working on some serious maths for the segmentation of noisy transcripts - "The maths is making my head hurt a bit".
And Yves has mostly been working on a paper we plan to submit at the WWW conference about this automated tagging.

Barbara's been co-ordinating our partners in the FI-Content project and re-focussing our work to issues around gathering and managing user data. Joanne has been collating academic research around privacy, security, ownership and transparency and is starting to make sense of it all and Chris N has mostly been researching the technology background for it.

Libby's been finishing off documents for NoTube, updating the crid-to-pid resolver and working with Dan Brickley on a simple API to underpin the N-Screen work.

George was in Poland for EU meetings in the first half of the week and has since been thinking about how the BBC can be more open. Chris G, as usual, has been preoccupied with how we do our work. Me, I've been thinking about what we do, talking to people about user data, writing presentations and trying to take control of my inbox.

Olivier's been prepping for his trip to the W3C annual meeting this week and diving into the proposed identity management technologies of browserID and WebID.

And finally, we said goodbye to Kat. Well, we said goodbye at the pub on Wednesday night, over Akua's magnificent carrot cake on Thursday, and then finally on Friday. We wish her all the best in her new ventures!


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