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Sysadmin for R&D North Lab

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Ant Miller Ant Miller | 18:00 UK time, Friday, 1 July 2011

As you might have heard our North Lab team have just moved into their new home at MediaCity:UK on Salford Quays, leaving at last the outside broadcast shed at the back of the Manchester Oxford Road studios.  The new environment is offering a huge array of new opportunities, not least the chance to make the best of our brand-new high capacity infrastructure in the lab.


Dock House and Studios at Media City UK

Dock House at MediaCity:UK, home of BBC R&D North Lab

That's where you may be able to help- we are still looking for a top flight imaginative creative sysadmin to help us push the very limits of what a modern R&D network can be.  We need someone with an intimate familiarity with the guts of Linux of multiple flavours.  Someone with an almost subconcious understanding of the TCP/IP stack, of ethernet and fibrechannel,  and of the challenges around using such technologies to support storage, communications and software repository applications.  And someone who can take this implicit knack, and from it generate experimental spins on the services, systems and capabilities we can give to staff working at the very edge of media technology.  This is not a job tinkering on the edges of the huge BBC enterprise infrastructure - R&D has its own space, its own network, fully connected between our labs, and this job is to help us make the most of this fabulous resource.

Applications are open at the BBC Careers site now until the 13th of July, so please do let us know if you're ready for this challenge.


  • Comment number 1.

    It's a pity there is no money left after paying billions for the move to Salford. I see you are having to advertise for new people to replace all those who did not want move to the northan waistland of Salford. Do they have the broadband or is it still dialup there.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Trevor, an expanding R&D capability across the board has led to the need for this role in the North. We have a great team inthe South Lab, but as the Salford based team expand they need local support.


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