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Prototyping Weeknotes #61 (27th May 2011)

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George Wright George Wright | 11:04 UK time, Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The beginning of the week was taken up with prep for our experience prototyping sessions and then a half-day semantic web workshop at the main R&D offices which involved a lot of talking and learning - it was enjoyable and useful for all attendees.


On Tuesday, we have a further session around lo-fidelity prototyping. Sean, Paul and Tristan finish off their paper and cardboard prototype of a child-friendly interface to iPlayer. Sean valiantly does the evening session single-handedly. Kat's team builds a prototype for a dashboard that lets parents see and manage their kids’ online activity. Theo, Chris L and I build radios that "follow" you around the house to allow you to continue listening as you go about your day.

Kat's busy on Wednesday wrapping up workshops on personal data and then writing up a report on the implications of its use for the BBC, as well as writing an overview of our work with Twitter to share internally and outside the BBC. We have a good chat about Solr and strategies for metadata APIs with some colleagues from the BBC iPlayer/ Dynamite team.

We've been getting all trendy recently and using the "cloud" (eg computers and storage we access via a network that we don't own) - data from these jobs have now been exported completed with no errors, so our disks should be back with us next week and will be duplicated onto our SAN. 

On Thursday, we welcomed a colleague from a commercial radio network into our office, and had a very productive meeting - running the latest work on the RadioDNS protocol past him and discussing some of the benefits of authenticated tag accounts. Chris L's been refactoring the radiotag application and adding some features that Jo has been working on in her designs. 

Newly back in the team, our sysadmin Matt is happy that we have progress on getting the (very fast) BBC R&D network into our office. Gear was shipped from Centre House to us, so that we can start linking up the fibre.  Matt'lll be spending a portion of next week on his hands and knees mapping out all of our current network sockets and planning where the R&D network will be supplied to.

I spend Friday as I begun the week - on the 'phone with numerous participants on a collaborative project. It's hotting up now (as was my 'phone) and we have the begginings of useful work that we wouldn't have done by ourselves- which is what it's all about really. 



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