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Prototyping Weeknotes #54

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Tristan Ferne | 15:34 UK time, Friday, 18 March 2011

This week was our bi-annual review by the management; much talk of KPIs and deliverables and slide-wrangling. But I don't imagine that you want to hear about that.

We pitched a few second screen ideas to the BBC's head of UX and agreed the one we're going to follow up together where we'll develop some of our ideas from Autumnwatch to cover another area of BBC programming. Kat's grabbed some rambling discussions by the scruff of the neck and is now organising and documenting some work on the BBC's strategy for user-owned data. User-generated content has really come of age: now it has ethical, technical and business considerations that need straightening out before it can be used to its full potential. Theo and Kat attended a research debrief on narratives and BBC programmes - it turns out that people tend to remember the intersections of characters and key moments - possibly obvious but definitely useful evidence.

We launched our RadioVIS test on Monday and we've been keeping an eye on the service - thanks for your responses so far. The related RadioTAG work is going really well. Chris L and Sean are contributing to the specification work and this week they got their proposals around registration and authentication up and running in code - a command-line simulated radio if you will.

Chris N has started building a mobile web app for Watch Later, his first time using jQuery Mobile. Duncan's been ingesting the relevant schedule data into Solr and building the skeleton API and test code. Some of the engineering team also visited Talis for a hackday on their linked data platform. Chris L says they "built a simple api for end users that tells you what was happening at a single point of time across the BBC".

Olivier's been finishing up his report writing - I've seen at least 5 versions of one doc pop out so far - and helping to secure speakers for the upcoming launch of the W3C UK & Ireland office launch. He also points out tomorrow's State of The Browser event in London. Theo, our creative director, has been learning Sinatra to build UX models. Paul's finished off his data research document. It's all graphs, moving averages and RRDs so having proven the data in the report he's now creating friendlier versions for communicating it.

Someone took my laptop's power supply from under my desk on Tuesday. If you see it do let me know, my battery's running out...


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