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Prototyping Weeknotes #53

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Olivier Thereaux | 16:29 UK time, Friday, 11 March 2011

One year and one month into our Weeknotes "experiment", what has the prototyping team been up to this week?

A number of RadioDNS-related projects are in early or late stages of their life at the moment. Kat spent some time demoing RadioVIS in Centre House, and organising final touches to the RadioVIS trial. Meanwhile, Sean and Chris L. were working on our proposals for the RadioTAG spec - generating sequence diagrams for our proposed protocol, documentation and considering various scenarios to convince ourselves that it is secure and fit-for-purpose.

Multi-screen (second, or third... we're losing count!) is the focus of a lot of thinking and meetings. Vicky and others participated to several meetings and workshops with other teams in the BBC to merge our visions of a multi-screen BBC experience, and dream up ideas for future collaboration. Olivier worked with our friends in the Orchestrated Media team to gather interest for the Universal Control API work from participants in the W3C, where we hope our work could be used as the basis for future standards.

The Watch Later project is now going at full speed. After the team decided that the minimum viable prototype would be a mobile-focused website that allows text search and addition of programmes into a personal list, Theo worked both on a wireframe for the minimum possible prototype as well as some sketched user journeys for more advanced scenarios; and Duncan and Chris N. started planning and setting up the technical architecture: metadata store, web service, APIs, and a search server using Solr.

Tristan, Joanne and Theo held the kick-off meeting with the company doing our Mythology user research to discuss the project plan and the target users and George spent the latter half of the week at another EU project meeting.



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