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Prototyping Weeknotes #50 (18/02/11)

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Tristan Ferne | 16:41 UK time, Friday, 18 February 2011

This week we sent out an expedition to Geneva for the RadioDNS General Assembly and hack day. We particularly liked the release of the CRC FM-RDF Android Library, a native Android library that provides an API to the FM radio chip on certain devices, and we're looking forward to hacking on this. Mark and Chris N are tweaking our RadioVIS prototype for stability and Chris L and Olivier are reviewing the state of audio on the web.

Duncan and Vicky presented the second screen work and research results to the rest of R&D and Akua and Theo are putting together a new version of our website. Sean gets the first results of querying the Firehose archive using Hadoop and Pig on EC2 to query two extremely large sets of monthly data. The results are interestingly cyclic with some significant geographical differences, but I'm afraid we can't say any more. Our fridge has been oversupplied with milk - we can only drink so much tea. This resulted in the milk going off, exploding and making the office smell slightly off.

In Thursday's team meeting we get a long-awaited successful demo of Mark's audio sync technology but this is going to require a bit more work before making it public. Kat and I spend a couple of hours talking with some deep thinking colleagues about the future of social networking and personal data. I also hear a lovely idea from another team - they do guerilla user testing of their products on the audiences milling about in Television Centre waiting for live recordings.

Today I'm answering some queries on our Mythology Engine research brief and prepping for the kick-off of a new project next week, codenamed Watch Later. Paul is still wrangling data.


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