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Prototyping Weeknotes #48 (04/02/11)

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Tristan Ferne | 14:36 UK time, Friday, 4 February 2011

Over the weekend we had a meeting room knocked down to create space for a few more desks. Will that result in less meetings and more work? Who knows, but there's a fine layer of dust covering my desk. Chris L joined our team this week as a software engineer. He's started to look at the RadioDNS specification and has begun work on a simple RadioTAG client application. Understand something by building it, that's what I like to see. Not only that but he also helped out with these weeknotes (see below).

There's a flurry of meetings to sort out the work schedule for the next couple of months and we review the Storytelling scoping work we've just finished. Although we haven't come up with a world-changing idea yet, we have got a really interesting direction to investigate while we wait for some user research to come in. Vicky's been reviewing our UX process and exploring how we can use more user-centred and participatory approaches to design and I've been forced to think a bit about my team's role as producers (or product managers).

There's a Radio and Music hackday in the building next door on Wednesday and Thursday and we send a small but skilled contingent, Duncan and Olivier, to join in. Chris N and Sean have been finishing up the documentation on their Firehose and Hadoop work. Paul's been diving deep into the data for the Dashboard project but yesterday he had to watch his old team turn off a chunk of his code.

We have been writing weeknotes for a year now. This time last year we were kicking off a couple of projects - Signatures, which evolved into Music Trends and Microblogging, which ended up being a year-long workstream with a number of phases just wrapping up now. Anyway, Chris L kindly created this view of the entire year...

The most common words in the previous year's weeknotes

I'm relieved to see that there's more "work" than "meetings".


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