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Prototyping Weeknotes #45 (14/01/11)

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Chris Godbert | 19:25 UK time, Friday, 14 January 2011

That first week back at school feeling has gone and it's back to business as usual in the office. Lots of activity closing off projects, documentation and scoping and planning the next set of projects for this quarter. On Monday, Sean shows the work we have been doing on the Firehose to the London Ruby User Group (LRUG). Here's the presentation and the video. The rest of the week he's head down writing up technical documentation for this phase of the project while Kat writes up the research findings.

On Tuesday a few of us meet up to discuss the new Prototyping team pages for the main R&D website; what content, who's going to update them and so on. The plan is to get some initial content up over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Mark is implementing an AudioSynch client in a web browser with some help and advice from Duncan. It's all done in Javascript with a tiny bit of Flash (for the microphone). Chris N has been finalising the write up of the mobile marker tracking work we did last year, summarisiing the findings for the internal R&D stakeholders. Having had a break and time to reflect on his initial work, it throws up a few new questions and leads to a couple of improvements and code changes. All good stuff.

Kat and Tris have been developing a brief for a prototype of a new service they're calling "Watch Later", which builds on research into TV scrobbling and previous projects Bookmarker, Stapler and Zap. It's early das but a proposal should follow shortly. Chris N, Mark and Kat have been doing some thinking around the roadmap for our RadioDNS work and map out some options for the next 6 months. The Storytelling team meet up and agree their favourite ideas that were gathered for the next phase of the project. When not in meetings Paul is knee deep in log file processing and Excel spreadsheets for most of the week, and reviews some in-flight project write-ups.

Olivier has now officialy taken over as BBC representative to the W3C, and has started looking at our activity in the Web Standards org. He's been meeting a number of people already interested and active in the field, and going through all the current work being done at the W3C to see which could benefit the BBC. George has a seemingly endless number of telcos and I spend a good portion of the week thinking about how to improve the way we select the projects we work on.


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