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Weeknotes #9 (08/04/10)

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Tristan Ferne | 16:11 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010

We start the week scratching our heads a bit about the Microblogging project. Vicky and Theo meet about an archive project proposal which is shaping up to be an exciting, meaty design challenge.

Chris B adds a fix for the duplicate artist problem in Coventry and later in the week Chris N finishes the monitoring code. That means the main work on Coventry is finished, we’re just going to leave it running over the next week and monitor its progress. Then all that’s left are a few deployment things once we get the go-ahead to publish.

Chris B has also started some 20%-type work on a multitouch programme guide, it’s pretty inspiring and the design team all want to join in. Meanwhile Theo is working up ideas for his knowledge sharing initiative.

It’s Thursday and we have enough people in the office to have our first stand-up of the week. We’ve got some external blockers on the Microblogging project but otherwise we’re OK. We follow that by making a first cut of the future project ideas. After some frantic last-minute additions we get rid of a few ideas immediately, leaving a more manageable number for detailed review. We’re aiming to get this down to about six really good project ideas by the end of next week. And Glen, our lead engineer, is leaving us on Friday. We give him his coffee-related presents and head off to the pub for a farewell drink at the end of the day. Bye Glen.

Friday afternoon; I’m writing this, Chris N is updating our build of URIPlay, some legacy work, and Vicky is writing another blog post. George is preparing for a set of interviews next week with potential new recruits to R&D.

People we met this week: The new team leader for TV Platforms, a VIP from Vision who’s interested in Mythology, BBC Radio people to discuss RadioDNS, Jason from mobile who has a great idea for the Microblogging project, R&D sysadmins to discuss migrating our servers and Caitlin from Strategy to chat about what we can do for them and they can do for us.

This week our work was disrupted by Easter and road digging just outside our window.


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