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Prototyping Weeknotes #11 (23/04/10)

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George Wright George Wright | 16:24 UK time, Friday, 23 April 2010

A big start to the week - I meet my boss and business manager to discuss our resourcing, output and plans, then go straight to a department wide conference where Tris and I present our recent work on Mythology. We're just small fry - Mark Thompson, the BBC Director-General is speaking, Erik Huggers (the Director of Future Media and Technology) is explaining his vision for the department, and it's all in front of a studio audience, filmed and broadcast on the BBC's ringmain internal TV network. It goes well, and we're pleased to be straight on after Tony C and his team presenting their Ambisonics work. I have a natter with some familiar faces from the audience and then hurry back to work.

Chris B from the BBC's News Interactive team comes across on Tuesday with some suggestions for new work, and Duncan's got the Dashboard up and deployed, and demo modules running against public APIs. He's been working with Tony C, our trainee, explaining some modern approaches to software engineering (as well as some sneaky tricks of his own)

Our former sysadmin, Matt P came to work with us for the afternoon, and goes through some technical questions with Chris N - how we set up new VMs, creating a dedicated MySQL server, Nagios monitoring, etc.  Sam's still working through our P2P-Next backlog: decentralised search, portal feeds and planning for LIMO prototypes. We have a quiz sprint on this planned in April, so Dom sent a mail to the P2P-Next project asking for input into the use cases for this.

On Wednesday, we got got the new version of URIplay up and running - for the meantime we're still serving the Totem podcast feed from a static file (updated every 30 minutes), but we managed to squash some bugs in the Ubuntu bugtracker, and submitted these to people from Canonical. Chris, Vicky, Tris and I have been refining our project plan for the next 6 months to present to R&D management next week. It's getting there but still needs work. People from Vision come to see us with user stories and requirements for Buzz tracker to see how some of our recent research can help.

On Thursday we had an initial meeting to decide the scope of the "micro-blogging use case 3" project: identifying most popular links to BBC pages, and Chris N spent the day looking at the ingest code to understand how it works. Sean and others then get all the components of the system for analysing links up and working.

On Friday, Theo has useful meetings with Childrens, Games Grid and  Vision to see what they're up to (with a view to future collaboration.)

I do lots more prep for next week and then get to experiment with a new commercial (but still experimental) multi-touch device that has arrived. I'm also prepping RadioDNS evaluation to explain to people next week, then it's hometime soon.


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