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Treble T | 08:51 UK time, Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wasssssup peeps right we're in week 3 of checking out the "best bits" from our celeb bloggers over the year.

Last week we checked out Aggro's weird post check it here if you missed it). This week its time to jump back to the month of August were we had Aggro Santos as our celeb blogger, have another look at Aggro Santos' first post on his gaming habits.

This weeks its all about that cheeky chappy singer Ne-yo, he was one of the celebs that passed through on our blog this year to expresss his love of gaming. Gotta say he really suprised with his depth of knowledge and passion for gaming, (trust me his posts were like essays!!) Interesting.... but wow did he go in!!

He's a little reminder of the first post his did back in October.

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The Worst Game I've Ever Played:

The worst game I've ever played... well honestly I don't know if it was a bad game or if it was just a bad experience with this particular game. Everybody knows who Sonic The Hedgehog is? Ok, well there was a young lady who wanted to get in on the gaming with me. You know I sit there and play video games and she'd be sitting there kinda feeling left out so I got a game that the two of us could play together - it's like a Sonic tennis type deal. It's like all the characters from Sonic The Hedgehog and they play tennis. I'm sitting with her and I'm trying to play this game with her and trying to explain to her how to play the game as we're trying to play the game - it's not a very difficult game but it's not a very fun game either. It was very monotonous and very boring and it just wound up being a completely disastrous evening...

"I'm pushing the button and it's not working, well you didn't explain it, you're cheating". It just became that whole thing. It was really really really really depressing and it made me want to throw the controller, not so much at her, but throw it. Yeh, that's the worst game I've ever played.


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