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Producer Woman | 16:41 UK time, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hey Mz Bratt here and I've taken over Rampage's blog for the entire month, but this is my final blog post. (Actually don't think I'm gonna give it back to them!).

Last week you got to check out my Top 5 Games of all time,

In this week's post you're gonna find out whether I'd Buy it, Borrow it or Bin it and my Ultimate Gaming Fantasy.

Buy it Borrow it or Bin it

Sonic the Hedgehog:
I'd buy it

Fifa 2010:
I'd probably borrow it

I'd buy it

DJ Hero:
I would probably bin it, I can't DJ

Brain Trainer:
I'd buy that yeah

My Ultimate Gaming Fantasy

My Ultimate Gaming Fantasy would proably be some sort of like Tetris tournament with like Jay Z and Eminem the whole of 1Xtra crew people like that and then obviously I'd win at the end so that would be my favourite, and Id probably host it at 1Xtra.

Mz Bratt would play Tetris with Eminem, Jay Z and the 1Xtra crew!!

OK so for the last month I took over the blog and you got to check out my world of gaming, so this is my final post guys, its been great hijacking it from Rampage, but all good things must come to an end.

So I'm about to get out of here, Mz Bratt signing out, for more details of what I'm up to though check me out here.



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