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The Golden Joysticks 2011

Treble T | 13:26 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

So the Golden Joysticks happened recently, The biggest gaming award ceremony of the year, the gaming Oscars, Whatever you wanna call em, they went down on friday and we were all up in there.

Now there was a lot on controversy over some of the decisions and surprise in some catergories. Plants vs Zombies was a double winner of download of the year and strategy game of the year!! Huh?! Do you know anyone playing it?

Forza won racing game of the year. Yaay! Portable game of the year went to Pokemon heart gold/Soul silver. We all agree Street fighter 4 was worthy of the fighting game title but Ultimate game of the year was not what you think.
That honour went to Mass effect 2 (Gasp!) That was the reaction when it was announced but seeing as Joysticks is voted for by the public and around one and a half million votes were cast I'm guessing a lot of peeps out there are playing undercover!!

Check out the Joysticks website for all the winners and if you dont agree leave a message on a blog. Also check us on the 5:19's coverage of the Joysticks below.


  • Comment number 1.

    I'm guessing that Plants vs Zombies won both Strategy and Download Game of the Year because it's voted for by readers - as you mention in the next paragraph - and it's been enormously successful. Of course, as alleged games journos, you should probably know that!

    Not sure why Mass Effect 2 winning Game of the Year is a surprise, either; it received masses of critical praise and sold two million copies in its first week of release, so obviously it's not just people "playing undercover". Of course, if you limit your gaming knowledge only to titles with enough marketing budget to plaster the tube with posters then I suppose Mass Effect 2's success might come as a surprise, but writing blog entries from beneath a rock probably isn't the best place to be doing it from.

    Ouch, my head's hurting from reading this stuff. I think it's my brain cells voluntarily jumping from a metaphorical cliff rather than be subjected to this any more :(

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