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Trebs Phone Apps Comparison.

Treble T | 07:32 UK time, Thursday, 11 November 2010

What's up peeps. So with the rise of the smartphone more and more people are getting into the downloading of apps which are popping up all over the place. Now theres four types of phone that you can do the app thing the iphone/idevice, Android phones, Blackberries and the brand new Windows 7 series of phones.
After playing around with all four heres my verdict on which platform is the best.
Now I'm not doing a top ten apps today more an overall look at which type of phone handles apps best.

All of the phones have a well developed app system and store that host hundreds of apps that do everything you can think of, with a large variety of free and paid for apps many of these apps appear on all four platforms and show how popular apps have become.

1). Blackberry
The Blackberry phone is very popular and has a well established App system with loads of apps available for free but the Blackberry apps feel very much like an add on and the phones aint the best at multimedia and games meaning anyone on Blackberry will probably not have apps as the main reason they bought the phone

2.) Android
A fairly recent phone platform with phones like the Samsung Galaxys which have the power to do apps justice but the range although decent isn't staggering and I wonder how many developers are using this system. Also there seem to be a lot of compatability issues which mean some apps work fine on a particular phone and dont work on others. This is a big problem and help forums are full of people asking if this or that works on blah blah blah....Still work to be done methinks

3). iDevice
Apple have been doing this for a long time and it shows, With the amount of apps approaching uncountable there is the biggest choice from Apple and this means if you want an app for a specific purpose you can probably find more than one here for free. No compatabilty issues every app works on every iDevice and a lot of peeps are familiar with the app store

4). Windows 7
Windows 7 is the latest platform to be released by microsoft for mobiles and seems well stocked with all the usual suspects. It looks like the variety will grow rapidly due to Windows being so open and everyone being familiar with the Windows way of working nuff peeps will feel comfortable with this system and the hook up with Xbox and pc window means there is a lot of scope to grow on this platform.

So my verdict on which platform is best for apps is this. All four formats offer a lot of the same apps and you can see apps are being devleped with all four in mind. This is good because it means whichever you choose you shouldn't lose out.

Seeing as we all like free stuff that's also an important factor and there's nuff free or lite apps available for everyone aswell. Window 7 being so new is looking good but doesn't have the range of apps others have but does have the potential to be great.

Blackberry have a decent app service but the majority of phones don't handle apps that well and that means marks off I'm afraid.

Android is well in there with the app development and the type of android phone available lends itself well to app usage but the fact all android apps don't work on all android phones is a real bummer and until that is sorted a lot of marks off will be the result here too.

Apple being the longest running app seller have an advantage here and it shows thousands of apps for practically anything you can think of and they work on any iDevice means ease of use for all of us.

So at the moment Apple and the Idevice's have the lead closely followed by the sexy Android phones but Blackberry have work to do (We'll see if the BB Torch helps) and Windows 7 is so new that although they've made a good start its hard to tell how good it will become.

The phones used were an iTouch, a Samsung Galaxy S, an HTC Mozart 7 and a Blackberry Curve. Please bear in mind some apps will work diferently on some phones. Older operating systems or lack of touchscreen will effect how apps work too.

What are you guys feeling, leave a comment, let me know.



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