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Gran Turismo 5 IS OUT!!

Producer Woman | 15:40 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

5 years I've been waiting for this game. Finally it generation and available in 3D. Was it worth the wait? Is it the best driving game out there and will it make me kick C.O.D and Fifa out the machine? A game that makes me want to go and wash my car has a very good head start.....

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Michael Jackson: The Experience. (Can I learn to dance like MJ?)

Treble T | 14:02 UK time, Thursday, 25 November 2010

The greatest artist of all time is back, but this time its in a game, yep we're talking the king of Pop: Michael Jackson Heehee!!
I went to the launch of this game in a plush West End club and bumped into quite a few female gamers in the house.

One of the Pussy Cat dolls, TV presenters, and recording artists had all turned up to see what the fuss was all about. Check the page for all the pics from the launch here.

Take a listen to what I got up at the launch:

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Mike Anthony | 20:03 UK time, Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Nice cup of tea and a triple bacon sandwich on my right hand side to accompany me, as I sit down to a looooooooooooong session of new Assassins Creed. I've followed this game from day one and I've had to put my phone on silence because too many people have seen it on my console dashboard, but is the next installment up to scratch??? Take a listen to my review and me know what guys think of the game. Do you agree?

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Three and a half joysticks


Treble T | 11:09 UK time, Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Here comes the latest release in a long standing racing franchise. Now many years ago NFS ruled the roost of racing games until things like Gran Tourismo and Forza came along.Then we started crashing in to stuff with Burn Out and Pimping our rides in Midnite Club so can Need for Speed compete with all the new turbo charged kids on the block??? Check out my review right here......

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Four joysticks


Producer Woman | 16:41 UK time, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hey Mz Bratt here and I've taken over Rampage's blog for the entire month, but this is my final blog post. (Actually don't think I'm gonna give it back to them!).

Last week you got to check out my Top 5 Games of all time,

In this week's post you're gonna find out whether I'd Buy it, Borrow it or Bin it and my Ultimate Gaming Fantasy.

Buy it Borrow it or Bin it

Sonic the Hedgehog:
I'd buy it

Fifa 2010:
I'd probably borrow it

I'd buy it

DJ Hero:
I would probably bin it, I can't DJ

Brain Trainer:
I'd buy that yeah

My Ultimate Gaming Fantasy

My Ultimate Gaming Fantasy would proably be some sort of like Tetris tournament with like Jay Z and Eminem the whole of 1Xtra crew people like that and then obviously I'd win at the end so that would be my favourite, and Id probably host it at 1Xtra.

Mz Bratt would play Tetris with Eminem, Jay Z and the 1Xtra crew!!

OK so for the last month I took over the blog and you got to check out my world of gaming, so this is my final post guys, its been great hijacking it from Rampage, but all good things must come to an end.

So I'm about to get out of here, Mz Bratt signing out, for more details of what I'm up to though check me out here.



Producer Woman | 12:48 UK time, Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hey Mz Bratt here and I've taken over Rampage's blog for another week! (Actually don't think I'm gonna give it back to them!).

Last week I was chatting about my top gaming tips plus letting you guy know about my most memorable gaming experience, if you didn't catch it, check it here.

So this week's its all about my top 5 games of all time, you ready? Lets Go!

I like to play football, but not physically so its good to play it in a game. I support West Ham as well so I can get to pick West Ham players!

It's the first game I ever had on my Sega. I used to sit there for hours on end playing it and it's a wicked game.

Mario Kart
I really like Mariokart because I play it on the Wii so it means I can use the Controller like it's a steering wheel. And I think its wicked.

Dragon Ball Z
I'm a big Dragon Ball Z fan. I love the series so I really enjoy playing the game so I can see the characters fight.

Tetris is one of my favourite games because you can just get lost in it trying to get rid of all the lines

Ok so you got to check out my Top 5 games of all time, what do you guys think? do you agree, lemme know what you're top 5 games our, leave a comment. Make sure you check into the blog next week, for my final post.



Call Of Duty "Black Ops" - Review.

Mike Anthony | 00:35 UK time, Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Now we've had a little time to live with the game. From its development to its launch. Now everyone has an opinion. So without spoiling the story have a listen to our review and most importantly.....leave your comments do you agree??

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Mike Anthony | 14:47 UK time, Friday, 12 November 2010

Glad rags on and the car arrives to hit the biggest games launch for 2010. Battersea Power Station in SW London is the destination and my mate Billy is as excited as me. (he's driving). As we approach the bridge to cross the river Thames, Battersea Power Station is lit up with missile count downs, logos and game footage. (They're not playing around!)

Get to the door and wrist bands are fixed on.....its time to walk the "black carpet"

The press are out like its a Hollywood movie launch. The facts are, this industry is bigger than Hollywood people!

Goldie, Wiley, Lethal B, Roll Deep, George Lamb, Wayne name a few were in attendance. Tinie Tempah on stage with Labrinth just made this evening extra special. Screens and consoles are everywhere. Artist and gaming boffins queue for the 3D version of the game, as free food and drink flows all night.

Rampage then take to the stage to round off the night on the Decks.....What a night!!!!!

Check out all the pics right here.

Take a listen to just some of the celebs I caught up with at the launch.

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Trebs Phone Apps Comparison.

Treble T | 07:32 UK time, Thursday, 11 November 2010

What's up peeps. So with the rise of the smartphone more and more people are getting into the downloading of apps which are popping up all over the place. Now theres four types of phone that you can do the app thing the iphone/idevice, Android phones, Blackberries and the brand new Windows 7 series of phones.
After playing around with all four heres my verdict on which platform is the best.
Now I'm not doing a top ten apps today more an overall look at which type of phone handles apps best.

All of the phones have a well developed app system and store that host hundreds of apps that do everything you can think of, with a large variety of free and paid for apps many of these apps appear on all four platforms and show how popular apps have become.

1). Blackberry
The Blackberry phone is very popular and has a well established App system with loads of apps available for free but the Blackberry apps feel very much like an add on and the phones aint the best at multimedia and games meaning anyone on Blackberry will probably not have apps as the main reason they bought the phone

2.) Android
A fairly recent phone platform with phones like the Samsung Galaxys which have the power to do apps justice but the range although decent isn't staggering and I wonder how many developers are using this system. Also there seem to be a lot of compatability issues which mean some apps work fine on a particular phone and dont work on others. This is a big problem and help forums are full of people asking if this or that works on blah blah blah....Still work to be done methinks

3). iDevice
Apple have been doing this for a long time and it shows, With the amount of apps approaching uncountable there is the biggest choice from Apple and this means if you want an app for a specific purpose you can probably find more than one here for free. No compatabilty issues every app works on every iDevice and a lot of peeps are familiar with the app store

4). Windows 7
Windows 7 is the latest platform to be released by microsoft for mobiles and seems well stocked with all the usual suspects. It looks like the variety will grow rapidly due to Windows being so open and everyone being familiar with the Windows way of working nuff peeps will feel comfortable with this system and the hook up with Xbox and pc window means there is a lot of scope to grow on this platform.

So my verdict on which platform is best for apps is this. All four formats offer a lot of the same apps and you can see apps are being devleped with all four in mind. This is good because it means whichever you choose you shouldn't lose out.

Seeing as we all like free stuff that's also an important factor and there's nuff free or lite apps available for everyone aswell. Window 7 being so new is looking good but doesn't have the range of apps others have but does have the potential to be great.

Blackberry have a decent app service but the majority of phones don't handle apps that well and that means marks off I'm afraid.

Android is well in there with the app development and the type of android phone available lends itself well to app usage but the fact all android apps don't work on all android phones is a real bummer and until that is sorted a lot of marks off will be the result here too.

Apple being the longest running app seller have an advantage here and it shows thousands of apps for practically anything you can think of and they work on any iDevice means ease of use for all of us.

So at the moment Apple and the Idevice's have the lead closely followed by the sexy Android phones but Blackberry have work to do (We'll see if the BB Torch helps) and Windows 7 is so new that although they've made a good start its hard to tell how good it will become.

The phones used were an iTouch, a Samsung Galaxy S, an HTC Mozart 7 and a Blackberry Curve. Please bear in mind some apps will work diferently on some phones. Older operating systems or lack of touchscreen will effect how apps work too.

What are you guys feeling, leave a comment, let me know.


Producer Woman | 16:13 UK time, Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hello hello it's me Mz Bratt! Last week on my blog (yeah thats right I say MY BLOG - Lol!) I told you about my gaming credentials, if you did catch it check it here. This week I'll be giving you my Top 3 gaming tips and I'll tell you about my most memorable gaming experience! Okay you ready??.... Lets go!!


So my Top 3 gaming tips are:

1) Never keep your eye off the TV. Always keep focused on the screen. If you can, try and nudge the person you're playing against or anything else that will loose them their focus.

2) Have loads of munch around you. You need to keep playing without interruptions so have loads of food and drink around you.

3) And my last gaming tip would be: having Selector playing in the background to keep you hyped and awake all day!


My most memorable gaming experience was probably when I got stuck on a level of Sonic The Hedgehog on my Sega. My mum actually had to sit there and play the game for like an hour to figure it out for me. It was really funny watching her. So big up to my Mum for playing Sega!

So thats it for this week you got to check out my Top 3 gaming tips and my most memorable gaming experience. Be sure to check the blog out next week for my Top 5 Games of all time and my gaming soundtrack!

Check me next week!


Mz Bratt


Producer Woman | 17:30 UK time, Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hey it's Mz Bratt and I'm taking over the Get Your Game On blog this month. You're gonna be hearing how I get down with gaming throughout the whole month. Now I'm an Old Skool Gamer! My credentials include my N64 and my Megadrive. Any of you remember that? Anyway let's get into this....

What's the worst game you've ever played?

Ok the worst game I've ever played is probably Battleships. My big sister used to make me sit down forever and make me play it with her. It so boring and dull and she'd win every round - obviously cheating! But yeah, it had to be done, I had no choice!

What's the longest time you've ever played a game?

I think the longest time I've ever played a game is probably all day actually! It was on my Blackberry: Brick Breaker - which is actually pretty sad haha!

Your most embarrassing defeat?

Probably Battleships again with my big sister because that's just so cringe!

What's your favourite gaming character: Hero or Villian?

Hmm. My favourite gaming character is Sonic. Definitely. Sonic the Hedgehog. I think Sonic was the first ever Sega Megadrive game that I got and I just fell in love with him. As a little child I just thought he was wicked with his spinning and he was the fastest gaming character!

Which celeb gamer would you like to battle in a game?

Probably JME. At Tetris haha! He's like a proper computer nerd and has some sort of computer game brain that can defeat anything. He knows everything so if I could just beat him at Tetris that would be the best and I would be the best!

So this is Mz Bratt and that was my gaming credentials for this week. Make sure you check back in next week to find out more info my gaming habits.


The Golden Joysticks 2011

Treble T | 13:26 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

So the Golden Joysticks happened recently, The biggest gaming award ceremony of the year, the gaming Oscars, Whatever you wanna call em, they went down on friday and we were all up in there.

Now there was a lot on controversy over some of the decisions and surprise in some catergories. Plants vs Zombies was a double winner of download of the year and strategy game of the year!! Huh?! Do you know anyone playing it?

Forza won racing game of the year. Yaay! Portable game of the year went to Pokemon heart gold/Soul silver. We all agree Street fighter 4 was worthy of the fighting game title but Ultimate game of the year was not what you think.
That honour went to Mass effect 2 (Gasp!) That was the reaction when it was announced but seeing as Joysticks is voted for by the public and around one and a half million votes were cast I'm guessing a lot of peeps out there are playing undercover!!

Check out the Joysticks website for all the winners and if you dont agree leave a message on a blog. Also check us on the 5:19's coverage of the Joysticks below.


Mike Anthony | 11:50 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

You would think after the Red Dead Redemption, John Marston deserved a bit of a holiday? A cruise or trip to the Caribbean? But NO! Rockstar decided to unleash Zombies on the poor man. The whole ecosystem in the game has gone to pot.

When we were given an exclusive play and demo of the game, it was supposed to be an hour or so.......errr...4 hours later and we were still on it. Multiplay, single play......we couldn't put it down.

After extensive gameplay, the story mode is good and the multiplay is fun......but then becomes repetitive and easy. It should in my opinion stay as a good download and leave it at that! Undead overun is a must play when you download it, suvival being the main aim as waves of zombies come chomping for your bits!!!
Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Overall, enough has been done to warrant Undead being added to the collection, animals, surroundings and story have been refixed, so there's definitely no danger of getting bored here. Woop woop!

Ace Reviews WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Producer Woman | 10:30 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Whats up people!!

its your boy Ace here and seeing that i'm the number one wrestling fan on 1xtra it was only right that Rampage got me to review the new WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 game. Who knows maybe it will help me on my quest to become WWE Superstar "Smoking Ace" . WWE Championship Here I come!!

Take a listen to my review here.

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Three and a half joysticks

Aiss Reviews The Sims 3

Producer Woman | 13:29 UK time, Monday, 1 November 2010

The Sims games are huge in fact The Sims 3 became the number 1 best-selling PC title in 2009. The game allows you to create your own little world and control the lives of your characters within it. You can make your Sim fall in love, give them an amazing body - whatever you want.

You get rewarded when your Sim achieves certain milestones, and it's this tinkering which makes the game insanely addictive.

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