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Producer Woman | 19:12 UK time, Sunday, 3 October 2010

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The Worst Game I've Ever Played:

The worst game I've ever played... well honestly I don't know if it was a bad game or if it was just a bad experience with this particular game. Everybody knows who Sonic The Hedgehog is? Ok, well there was a young lady who wanted to get in on the gaming with me. You know I sit there and play video games and she'd be sitting there kinda feeling left out so I got a game that the two of us could play together - it's like a Sonic tennis type deal. It's like all the characters from Sonic The Hedgehog and they play tennis. I'm sitting with her and I'm trying to play this game with her and trying to explain to her how to play the game as we're trying to play the game - it's not a very difficult game but it's not a very fun game either. It was very monotonous and very boring and it just wound up being a completely disastrous evening...

"I'm pushing the button and it's not working, well you didn't explain it, you're cheating". It just became that whole thing. It was really really really really depressing and it made me want to throw the controller, not so much at her, but throw it. Yeh, that's the worst game I've ever played.

The Longest Time I've Ever Played A Game:

The longest time I've ever played a game, and I kid you not, would easily have to be three days straight - yeah I said it THREE DAYS STRAIGHT!! - and I remember what game it was. It was the first God Of War. I could not put the controller down. I kid you not I probably put the controller down to use the bathroom and make a sandwich and then get back on the game and attempt to eat my sandwich and play the game at the same time... you'd get mayo on the controller, and you've got to pause it and try and wipe the mustard and the mayo off the controller... it was BAD. But yeah, three days straight on the first God Of War - I could not put that controller down.

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Most Embarrassing Gaming Defeat:

My most embarrassing video game defeat, I gotta go all the way back to high school with this one. Way way back, high school days where there was an arcade around the corner from my crib that I used to go to all the time and I think was right around the time the second one came out. Now I am a Tekken genius ok. I've been defeated all of twice in the history of the game of Tekken. Paul is my dude, I play with Paul all the time, nobody can beat me except for this little girl - she was probably about 12 - this little Chinese girl. I kid you not, she came in and she used, I never forget, she used Beck, with all the kicks. She came in and she beat me very very quickly, and this is back when you know people would come in and put their quarter up on top of the game like "I got it next,". So there was about six quarters on top of the game with people talking about they got next because I'm killing everybody and this little girl comes in and I go "aww that's cute, you want to play, alright come on, I'll go easy on you"... and she murdered me, murdered me!! It was really one of those pick your face up off the ground and walk over there and stand in the corner type situations - very embarrassing.

My Favourite Gaming Character:

My favourite gaming character as of right now is from God Of War, I love love love Kratos. He is the most kick-ass person on the planet - the kind of guy that you want to hang out with because you know, like drama just follows him around so you know something is going to happen and it's going to be exciting and he's probably going to punch somebody in the face really really really hard and you just want to be there and see that. There is no-one more gangster than him, I don't care who it is, nobody and I dare you to try him because he's part god and he will kill you!

Person I'd Most Like To Play:

I would like to beat the hell out of Justin Bieber in Tekken. I don't even know if he plays it but I want someone to teach him how to play so that I can hammer punch him to death. (Just in the game of course!)That's what I want to do. Justin Bieber I'm coming for you!!

Alright alright well there you have it, that was the first week done - hope you enjoy reading this and got a bit more insight into my gaming habits. Make sure you hit me back here next week, I'm going to be hitting you all off with some gaming tips talking about which games I'm feeling etc. This is Ne-Yo, peace and love, and to anybody out there who thinks that they got what it takes to come get me in Tekken - C'MON WITH IT!

I cannot be defeated.......errr except for that little Chinese girl and I'm looking for her dammit!


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