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Producer Woman | 11:00 UK time, Thursday, 2 September 2010

Yo, this is the official Kano takeover. That means I'll be taking over the blog this week and for the whole month ahead. Hi-jack activity! Most artist like myself, love to game. And there isn't a more fitting venue for gaming than the tour bus. And as I'll be on "The Method" UK tour this month, let the games begin.....

Worst Game You've Ever Played

The worse game I've ever played has to be the first 50 Cent game 'Bulletproof'. For me personally I think they over done it, because if you're not a massive G Unit fan you couldn't really play it, so therefore it neglected a lot of gamers. I think they also went over the top with the 1 liners. It came across as a fake ghetto version of 'Metal Gear Solid'. The game play wasn't too good either. I don't want any problems with 50 but I played that game for about 20mins.

Longest Time You've Ever Played A Game

The longest game I've ever played is probably football manager on the PC....! You play that until the sun comes up and then it gets dark again. I remember playing that in my mum's bedroom when I was living at home and just spending TIMEEE on the PC playing that game. It's where you become the manager of a football team, you can start as a bottom team and work your way up! You proper get into it and check results, buy new players and its just like the game is never ending. So it can just go on for ever. I used to play it for at least defiantly 24hours. And my brother use to play it for like 3 days straight.

Most Embarrassing Defeat

My most embarrassing defeat was losing to my 3 year old nephew on Wii Tennis and I was NOT HAPPY about it. It was one of those situations where everyone thought I was letting him win but I so wasn't. I was trying my hardest..!! I came back the next day after practicing all night and FINSHED HIM! But it was still quite embarrassing that I originally lost.

Favourite Gaming Character (Hero or Villain)

I'd have to say my favourite villain is M Bison from Streetfighter. You always use to beat every character and then get to him at the end and lose. And I use to have a mad vendetta against him. But he's definitely the best character I think who's a Villain.

Which Celeb gamer would you like to battle in a game?

The Celeb I'd most like to battle in a game has to be Lewis Hamilton on Mario Kart. Let's see what his real driving skills are like, because Mario Kart is the test of every driver's real skills.

Ok that's the end of this week with me. I'll be back in a week's time to tell you more about how I get down when it comes to gaming. And hopefully some less embarrassing moments!



  • Comment number 1.

    Do you play any Xbox 360 at all?

    Like Call of Duty MW2, Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield BC2, Left for dead 2?

    They're the sort of games I 'relax' to in the evenings,

    Will keep a look out for this blog as I'm very much into gaming, the BBC should have a messageboard for it, I'm guessing they don't already as I have looked

    All the best


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