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The World Of Gaming According To Aggro Santos: Final Week

Producer Woman | 10:00 UK time, Thursday, 26 August 2010


What's going on everybody this is the fourth and final blog post from me Aggro Santos at the Rampage gaming blog.Last week I was talking about my top 5 games of all time. (Check it out here). This week its all about mu ultimate gaming fantasy and my ultimate gaming soundtrack, let get into it!


Check the clip below to hear what I think would be great to listen to while I game....

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My Ultimate Gaming Fantasy Experience

If I could have my ultimate fantasy gaming experience I would love to play the 2010 World Cup England squad on Fifa, but I'd be on the pad and they would be on the pitch. Because seriously, I need to show them a thing or two about football!


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Call Of Duty "Black Ops" - Preview.

Mike Anthony | 00:19 UK time, Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I could NOT miss this chance to see C.O.D - Black Ops. I got the email and I was out the door. Let's begin with the set-up.

Now if you're new to Call Of Duty because you live on planet ZOG, let me help you a little.....

Activision has 2 developers:
Call Of Duty: Developers Treyarch
Call Of Duty "Modern Warfare": Developers Infinity Ward

Treyarch's Black Ops is now set in a different war zone and Time in history!

Set in Vietnam, you are part of the cutting edge Black Ops special forces team deep in the jungle. (in the Beginning) The story then takes you around the world in the cold war era!

Graphically stunning, I was amazed at the attention to detail and how crisp it looked.....this is so high def its rediculous!

Gameplay was smooth and seemed effortless. When you get into the helicopter all hell breaks loose and you're taken to the next level of C.O.D. Stealth mixed with total carnage is the call of the day with this needs a O/21 rating for this is a game for the BIG MAN!

As soon as I get my hands on the multiplay, I'll holla.....

Red Dead or Your Accounts Dead?

Mike Anthony | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I've down loaded the expansion pack for Red Dead Redemption and was well happy. More garms to wear, hats, guns, ropes, herbs, maps.... the list is endless! On-line gets the props as well. Now this game has smacked it for 2010, story mode and on-line and I strongly recommend getting the expansion pack.

Now for those who decided to get HACK their way to higher points and weapons, you've managed to cheese off the man dem at Rockstar and boy are you in trouble......
Yeap Rockstar the makers of game are going all out and banning some gamers from playing the online version. Why? because people have been hacking in to get high scores. (DAM CHEATS!)

So about a week ago Rockstar, got so cheesed off with this they said anyone who had cheated their way to higher experience points had 7 days to delete them or would be banned from the online, multi player version of the game. Wow thats serious!

Check out the full story here from our BBCTechnology reporter Dan Whitworth.

What do you guys, do you think they're right to do this, or is it a liberty?? Could this be the start of developers taking the control back from hackers. Get involved peeps let me know.

The lowdown from Games Com in Germany with Boxer.

Treble T | 13:21 UK time, Thursday, 19 August 2010


Wassup peeps we spoke to our homeboy Boxer (Steve Boxer to be precise) who happens to be a professional (ahem) games reviewer just like us. He's been to the second biggest games convention in the world Games com and looked at whats going to be big for Xmas. Look out for the latest Gran Tourismo and playing games with no hands!!! Curious click and listen.

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Big shout out to Boxer, check out his blog here.

PS3 Vs Xbox 360

Jade Styles | 17:19 UK time, Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Do you have sharp eyes?


If the answer is yes, then maybe your eyes are as sharp as one gamer who had noticed an advert for Final Fanstay XIII game for Xbox 360 but they actually used PS3 images.

The makers of this game Square-Enix did admit that images used in the advert were taken from full motion video (FMV) which had been 'played back' on the Sony console.

While the 'Advertising Standards Authority' concluded that the advert was misleading, Square-Enix replied back saying, ' any average viewer, or indeed avid gamer' would not see any difference unless 'reviewing the material forensically'. Would you??

Look out for new gaming technology from both Microsoft Kinect & Sony's Playstaion Move, both due out before the end of the year.

So gamers, bloggers & bloggets!!! What do you think? XBox 360 Or PS3? Are the graphics in a game important? Are playstations graphics better than Xbox?

Get involved, we wanna know.

The World of Gaming According to Aggros Santos: Week 3

Producer Woman | 17:06 UK time, Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Alright what's going everyone its me Aggro Santos, I'm here for the third week now on Rampage's gaming blog. Last week I spoke to you about my top 3 gaming tips and also talked about which games I'd buy, borrow or bin. (If you missed the post check it out here). This is a new week and again we're gonna keep it gaming.


(In no particular order)

(5) Fifa 10

If you've been reading my previous games then you could've probably guest that this and pro would be in my top 5.


(4) Pro Evo 10

C'mon... no brainer, its all about the football, (hey I'm Brazilan, what did you expect, lol).

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The World Of Gaming According to Aggros Santos: Week 2

Producer Woman | 11:18 UK time, Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Alright everyone, what's going on people this is my 2nd week on the Rampage blog. Just to recap last week I looked at my Worst games, longest games and my most embarrassing loss in a game If you missed last week, check it out here. Lets get into this week..


1) This is especially for fighting games, button bashing!! I know a lot of people say it doesn't work, but trust me it does. When you're playing a fighting game just press ALL the buttons and press forward, you'll get some good combos, you'll knock out you're opponent quick, trust me I watch these kids all day they're just button bashing! Triangle / XXX/ Square / Square / Triangle / Circle....

2) Make sure you've had enough to eat. Playing games on an empty stomach isn't good, it's not the one. Make sure you get some chicken in your system, have a drink by your side. Food & games go well together.

3) I know gaming can get quite addictive make sure you take a break; rest you're eyes especially if you have a big TV you're eyes will get tired.


Now the topic of this week is gonna be Buy it Beg it or Bin, lets see what i would do with these games:

Modern War Fare 2
Bin It - As you may know from my 1st post last week, i have no patience with these games

Mario Bros
Beg It - what a classic game


Tomb Raider
I would actually buy this game, haven't played it for awhile, such a classic.

Buy it - Any sports games especially football I would buy any day

I haven't even played this before but i would bin it, it looks like a long and complicated game.


So there you have it, this is me signing out for another week, don't forget to keep checking this blog, I will be back next week for more games, games & games. Rampage I'm taking over, stand back....


Art Academy Game Review

Treble T | 17:00 UK time, Friday, 6 August 2010


Yep bloggers it's me back again, I've been looking at this game called called Art Academy Learn how to paint and draw, find out how good it is right here.

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Rated: Exempt.
Available on: DS

Four and a half joysticks

The World Of Gaming According to Aggro Santos Week 1

Producer Woman | 10:46 UK time, Thursday, 5 August 2010


This month's celeb blogger is Aggro Santos check his special message to you guys...

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It's 'Call Of Duty' I know I'm gonna get a lot of haters for that one, but I just never really got the point of it, it's just too technical with too many missions, trying to find out this and unlocking that, hitting down this person ... phew!!!

I just like simple games like racing, football, boxing. The point of these games are straight forward you know what you're doing, I don't like beating my brains over something again & again for days in a row, which is why I think Call Of Duty is officially the worst games I have ever played.

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Must Have Gadgets for the Summer 2010

Treble T | 23:32 UK time, Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Whether you're going abroad to party your summer away in the clubs or taking a relaxing holiday to chill out on the beach or by the pool to recharge those batteries.. or even spending the summer in the UK chillin in the park and having a BBQ... you're gonna need some summer essential items..

I'm gonna break down what I think is this summers must have gadgets to make your summer complete...

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Mafia Two preview

Treble T | 07:55 UK time, Monday, 2 August 2010


I got a chance to play around with a new with a Mafia game called err Mafia 2.
I has a look quite similar to a couple of previous Xbox titles in particular I was reminded of the original Godfather on Xbox 1. This was an excellent game based in the days when the Mafia ruled the streets. Well this game looks even better. The game play is similar to Grand Theft as in you can free roam and get in general Mafia type trouble or you can take on specific missions to try and become a "made man" and eventually the "Don" Not one for the kids I'm afraid but good fun for the grown ups. Check out my preview here....

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Rampage on the 5:19 show. Checking out forthcoming games.

Treble T | 07:43 UK time, Monday, 2 August 2010

Whats up peeps? Every now and then the big software companies do a showcase of all the games they have coming out in the next six months or so. This is a great excuse to hang out and play brand new games all day way before anyone else. (Right up my street).

Now we weren't alone so me and Mike hooked up with the peeps from The 5:19 Show and had a played around with all Ubisofts new stuff thats coming out later this year. Check this out....

Big shout out to all the 5:19 Crew.

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