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Producer Woman | 11:10 UK time, Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Yo wassup this is Big Boi , you know I'm here. I've been doing the whole video game experience, taking over Rampage's blog, and it's the world of gaming according to Big Boi ... I dun gave you my top 5 games of all time, I even talked about, you know, addictive games and my top 3 gaming tips, you know how I'm sayin', and how you gotta have you some food and you gotta cut that phone off, cos that phone ringin could really lead to an ail'... click here to check out last weeks blog...

Ermm, and so this is my final week taking over the blog here, I'm gonna give you my ultimate gaming soundtrack; this is what I'm sayin'...


Listen to the clip below to hear which tracks I listen to whilst I'm gamin'...

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The games I be playing with that? Definitely Mortal Kombat, I play the online fighting games, and definitely Madden, you know, its all about high energy, high impact, you wanna keep your blood pressure up, you wanna just buss heads to it and you know I like songs that get you amped up. Those are the three songs, you know its all about your preference, but that's my particular preference cos I'm a hyper typa guy and I like to buss heads, so that's how we doin'.


So Mike and Trebs gave me the choice of 5 different games and then asked me what category I'd put each of these games in out of these categories buying it, begging it or borrowing it.

BUY IT! Definitely!

BUY IT! - Depends if it's the arcade version though, if it's the arcade version you gotsta buy it, it's a classic, you cant lose with Pacman!

BIN IT!!! - never a big Tomb Raider fan..

BIN IT - Nawww... Yeah, you can bin that too yeah, cos they gots some new ones out, so, and I probs already gon beat that...

BUY IT! - Definitely gon buy it, because you know its fun, and I play the games with my kids all the time, and they are pro's at Wii sports, I'm talkin' bout from the bowling all the way down, I can not beat them for nuthin'!!

I hope ya'll enjoyed me, I've been here for a whole month, I hope you enjoyed my gaming tips, this is Sir Luscious Left Foot, you know I'm sayin', and I'm signing off like that, I'mma give it back to Rampage and I'mma holla atcha all later.. YEEEAH!!!

Big Boi's new album 'Sir Luscious Left Foot: Son Of Chico Dusty' is out now.



Mike Anthony | 11:09 UK time, Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Not many games will have me spend loads of time sitting in traffic on a motorway in the middle of rush hour! But Fifa is one of them....Soon as I got the phone call (and the fact that there was food) I was like a little kid with bragging rights.

Now the game was only 75% complete but already has the wow factor. If you only have Fifa 10 and didn't get Fifa World Cup it'll take getting use to and where you thought they couldn't improve the best selling sports sim of all time...they have!

Pop the ball around and keep it with ease, but if your player is facing the wrong way or off balance you'll know about it! Put a ball through the channel will bounce off the back heal. If you love football, this is for you.

This game is only 75% complete and I didn't want to put the pad down so stay with us for more updates.

D Double E talks about his love of Street Fighter.

Producer Woman | 20:27 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010


Yooo bloggers! This is D Double E representing Newham Generals & Dirtee Stank Recordings! Taking a minute out to write a few words about my favourite video game of all time! yeah you guessed it. Street Fighter!

I would have to say I first got into Street Fighter when the very first game came out! As a kid, Street Fighter was always the game with the best graphics; best selection of characters with the best moves of any beat 'em up arcade game!


My earliest Street Fighter memory has to be Christmas 1996, I got a brand new Super Nintendo, fresh out the box! It came with Street Fighter. I remember how good the box looked; all logo'd up, definitely one of my favourite Christmas' as a kid! I wanted a Super Nintendo for ages, I was playing commodore and spectrum which was swag, so when the Super Nes come out with that game, it was like playing an arcade in doors!



My favourite Street Fighter character is Sagat! No one can test me when I'm Sagat! Sagat is stiff! I know how to use him well in the game.


My best Street Fighter win was online, I play online a lot! I always try and fight users with the deepest BP/PP, anyone who knows about Street Fighter will know about this.
My greatest win came against this user in America, he was Ryu but he used to wear some next level custom garms! The rounds were so tight man, I was able to hit him with a spekkkkky! Had to beat him with concentration and blocks, bare kicks and punches!


Ah man, my worst defeat happened online as well. Some guy in Ireland who wiped me (laughs), playing Cody. The first round I got a perfect, easiest win! Then came the 2nd and 3rd round he took me apart! I thought he was weak but he set me up! He must of hit me with every combo under the sun, the whole nine! I was gutted; I had to switch the game off! It only happened a few days ago and I haven't played it since!

So thats how I get down on Street Fighter hope you enjoyed reading. Don't forget my new single "Street Fighter Riddim" is out now and available to buy digitally through all good digital outlets. Follow me on twitter @ddoublee7 and check out Newham Generals website for further info!

I'm out.



Aiss from the BBC Switch reviews Dragon's Quest

Producer Woman | 17:29 UK time, Friday, 23 July 2010


Now regulars to this blog will know Mike and Trebs are completely addicted to gaming, hence why we at the Beeb gave them a gaming blog in the first place. However we love to get everyone whose interested in games on this blog from 1Xtra and Radio DJ's to celebs. The guys often do stuff with Radio 1 and BBC Switch presenter Dev. This time around though we thought we'd ask his co -host Aiss to get involved. Now she likes to game whilst on the move, so I gave her the new Dragon's Quest to review.

Check out what she thought of it here:

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Available on: DS only

Three joysticks


Producer Woman | 17:17 UK time, Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Yo what's up it me Big Boi again, still here hijacking this blog. The is the World of gaming according to me, last week I was talking about my top 5 games of all time. (If you missed it peep it here). This week we gettin' on again!



If we're going head to had I gotta say definitely PS3. PSP over the DS I'm a playstation type of guy you know, I've been playing Playstation for a long time, so if ain't broke don't fix it baby bubba - yeah!!


My kids like the Xbox and they like the DS and I've to tell them like man. I've been playing Playstation since before you was born. They always like to think that they're doing something new, but they're really not.


Definitely the Snes over the gameboy, err... that was classic thats where all the Mario came from blowing all the cartridges and all that for sure, I do that Nintendo. I do the all skool throwback action.



I think my dream game experience would be.......To play Tom Brady, in a Super Bowl challenge of Madden. We both play with the same team and we gon' see who we can call the play book the best.

I think we go head to head, we'll play live at Stankonia Studios. Were gonna have nothing but strippers as cheerleaders in the background to throw him off!

If he wins he gets to either come to a concert of mine with his entourage and I give him the whole big time football player treatment. If I win I get to come to a season worth of games that he plays with, with my people. It's all on him flights and everything and we will play like that.

It will be me and Tom Brady and I'm telling you I'll beat the breaks of Tom Brady fo' real!! You know what I'm talking about all you gotta do is throw some models in his face....... he will mess up. (haha) It's Big Boi y'all know what it is, man that could be the most dopest gaming experience. Tom Brady if you out there and you hear me: I'M COMING FOR YO' HEAD YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!!!

And Imma see y'all next week, it's Big Boi, it's the gaming experience according to me. And I'm here man I'm just 'atcha ya.

We atcha Baby see you next week! YEAH.


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Treble T | 14:00 UK time, Wednesday, 21 July 2010


If you're a regular to the blog (which I hope you guys are), then you would've clocked our post that we did last week on our Top 10 favourite games from back in the day. On the list there was some classic games, one of them being TETRIS.

Were you one of those people that has missed their stop on the train? Taken to long on that assignment? Didn't finish the project at work on time? You might be one of the many people that made Tetris famous back in the day!

Well big news its back and its called Tetris party deluxe!! (Brap Brap) Ridiculously simple but stupidly addictive I think everyones had a go at some time. The question is can a classic be imroved on? Hmmm.. What can possibly be added to it to make it better.Its gonna be on the Wii and Nintendo DS. There's gonna be over 20 different modes, and you can play against each other online or even multiplayer if theres more than two of ya!

So question is will you die hard fans from back in the day be rushing out to get it as soon as its released in September.

Let us know.

Toy Story 3 Review

Jade Styles | 15:21 UK time, Friday, 16 July 2010


Some of you may know me for rubbing my orb and trying to bring enlightment to the world (listen to Rampage 10am - 1pm and you will hear my 'Thought Of The Day') I hope I can inspire you and get you thinking in a positive way....

Jadeinspires (my twitter name) is also a mum of 3 girls. As soon as I found out Toy Story 3 was coming out (Game out today 16th July, Movie out Monday 19th July) I knew my 6 year old Alisha would love to have a go on this one.

Like most children she loved Toy Story 1 & 2 the movie, but now she loves playing on the Nintendo Wii these movies have taken on a whole new meaning (For example - The Frog & Princess is another favourite)

In her own words this is what Alisha thought of Toy Story 3:

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Big thanks to Alisha for that one!

If you've already played this game or think you may go out and get it, let us know what you thought of it.

Available on: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS
Rated: 7
Five joysticks

The World Of Gaming According to Big Boi Week 3

Jade Styles | 16:12 UK time, Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Yo what's up this is Big Boi we're at week 3!! Hold tight Rampage I've still taken over your blog..... bear with me. Last week I was giving you my top 3 gaming tips, (if you didn't get a chance to read it peep it here). This week is all about my top 5 games of all time!!!


(5) Combat (Atari 2600)

We have to take this back, first of all, back then it was all about the Atari it was all about combat with the tanks, with... beep beep beep that's all you'd hear, what a classic! If you were really into your gaming back in the day and you had a Colecovision or Atari that was the one.


(4) Yie Ar Kung Fu (Konami Arcade 1985)

It was a fighting game, before the days of Mortal Kombat this was the one. My mum used to give me & my brother change all the time, they had the arcade machine in the Laundromatt in the neighbourhood where we used to stay. We would beat the game all the time, the last person on the game was called 'Blues' he was really hard to beat, me & my brother used to go crazy on the buttons trying to beat him.


(3) Mario Bros (On The Nintendo 64)

I'm talking about the very first Mario Bros on the Nintendo. We weren't privileged enough to have our own Nintendo computer, but out neighbour did and I would go over to their house to play Super Mario Bros.

(2) Mortal Combat (Midway Games)

In the early days of this game people were protesting about the amount of violence in the game and blood & guts. Now there are so many other violent games out there they can get away with pretty much anything.

(1) Madden NFL (EA Games)

Any Madden title that comes out I play. I'm like the mad patriot, it's all about Tom Brady!! I woop woop, my back up team are the 'Pittsburgh Steelers'. I used to be the champion from 1998 all the way to 2005, then I went into the studio and started making music so I got a little rusty! But I'm telling you it's ain nuthin' it's like riding a bicycle you never forget, so you just watch out on the next Madden and we're gonna be at ya!

I'm gonna see you all next week, and I'm just at'cha baby - yeeeah!


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Our favourite top ten games from back in the day...

Treble T | 10:46 UK time, Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Yo what's going down bloggies and bloggettes, you know what me and Mike were sitting down chatting the other day, reminiscing about the oooooold days of gaming. And we thought what are favorite old skool games, what did we really really used to waste our time on. Before I was a big time DJ, (yeah I said it and wot??) before I was on the radio, before I used to all this exciting stuff. What did I used to do with all my friends for hours and hours on end. Read through and find out what we think are the top WICKEDEST games from way back in the day.

Okay now these are in no particular order..



This guy was like The A team, Mcguyver and Knightrider all rolled into one. Unstoppable. This game was a revolution on the PS1

on the SNES was totally sick. The 1st game I remember that you could customise your cars with Nitros and turbos!! Brap

Also on the SNES. Dragon punches to the max. Classic gaming dude.


The original Lara Croft was so fit even for a virtual woman I think she deserves a mention...completed the 1st 2 editions

When I had a SNES I used to play Starfox all the time. There aint no Fox that can fly a starship like him. Bad boy fox!!



Oh the good old days of first being introduced to the arcade machine. Watching friends insert 10p and making it last for hours. Switching from right to left, collecting smart bombs and clocking the machine.Brilliant!

Now this is where Space Invaders progressed to. Was never really good on this game but loved it all the same. In fact I don't know anyone who was good at it, but it's a classic!

Double kicks in your face rude boy! This is the game that set the pace for others to follow. I even remember wanting kung Fu lessons after playing it so much! I was the man trust me.


Now there had to be a war game of some sort and this was the first flight sim/game I ever got my hands on. Launched from the aircraft carrier and it was very similar to Galaxian, which means I wasn't that good at it.


Is like a drug. Simple idea that still has people playing it today. No need for graphics to change or concept. It's a great game and it's the one I wished I had created.

So these are our favourite games that LOVED playing back in the day, do you agree? What would you put in your list? What did you guys love playing, come get involved - no long ting, we're interested to know your top 10 favorite games from back in the day. Leave a comment.

Is Crackdown 2 all it's cracked up to be? TTT and Kano find out..

Treble T | 14:19 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010


So I went to have a look at the latest edition of Crackdown 2 and me old mate Kano was in the place playing dudes online and getting tucked in (With sunglasses on)!! So I pulled up a chair grabbed a joypad (and ice lolly - like you do!) and got busy cos he fancies his chances as a gamer and I'm always up for a challenge.. check out how it went down.

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Okay so that's how I got down with Kano, if you wanna know how I rated the game listen to my review below.

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Available on: Xbox 360
Rated: 15

Three joysticks

The World Of Gaming According to Big Boi Week 2

Jade Styles | 16:12 UK time, Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Yo what's up? It's Big Boi here again, you know hijacking Rampage's blog with the World of Gaming according to me. Last week we went into the worst game I ever played to my most embarrassing defeat to my son. (If you missed it check it here) This week we get into something more serious, a bit more sinister ........


1) You have to have the right music playing in the background, you know you have to have your own soundtrack playing, whether your playing sports games, fighting games it's just good to have that certain type of rhythm.

2) You might want to have a hot pizza or some type of food in case you keep winning & you can't get away from your joystick and it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a drink by your side as well.

3) This one is really important, especially when you're playing Madden and you're trying to hype the ball get a player off, you HAVE to turn that phone off cos someone could get a 50 yard run on you and you really have to concentrate you cannot be distracted by your phone going off.



There are certain games that are highly addictive, one of them being games that are on your phone, there's a game out called 'Angry Birds' that I have on my iphone, in every break I get I'm always playing it, my little boy got me on to this one. I couldn't stop playing it, it's one of those games you have to really think in order to conquer each part of the game. I like games that make you think.

Okay that it this week.This is Big Boi taking over Rampage's blog, this has been week 2, I'm gonna check back with you guys next week with my top 5 games of all time and more.

Stay locked.
Bye Bye


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Trevor Nelson reviews the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Mike Anthony | 19:25 UK time, Monday, 5 July 2010


Listen up, big man Trevor Nelson has decided to descend from his tower and play some video games with the Rampage crew....Gasp I hear across the land!! So we're pleased to welcome him along and cos he fancies his chances as a" Gentleman of sport " (He likes Cricket and Golf) He's doing the sports sims. Now he actually plays Golf in real life and is taking part in the Spoony Classic Golf tournament (HUH?!)

We thought he would be the ideal person to review the latest Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11...Now after him complaining about the game ruining his real life swing, (Shut up mate you're from Hackney!) And us telling him he's lucky golf balls are white otherwise people would keep hitting the back of his head he finally got down to business and gave us a break down of the game. Here it is........

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Available on: PS3, Wii, X 360
Rated: 3
Four and a half joysticks

Rampage take on Ace n' Vis "WIMBLEDON" style!

Mike Anthony | 10:48 UK time, Saturday, 3 July 2010


Now we've been so engrossed in the World Cup, we seem to have neglected everything else going on around us.... Wimbledon being one of them, the oldest and definitely the biggest tennis tournament around.

So we thought let's honor the ball and racket and draft in some players from the station and go head to head on the Wii, with Grand Slam Tennis. Those idiots from the weekend Ace n' Vis stepped up to centre court for some intense play.... So who beat who? Take a listen!

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