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Producer Woman | 15:52 UK time, Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Check out Big Boi's special message to you guys out there..

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So you guys ready? You sure? Okay LETS GO!!

Worst Game You've Ever Played?

I would have to say.... is the home version of Dragons Lair, because erm... its very difficult its nothing like the arcade version, you know where the knights trying to go get the dragon? And it was you know... just real difficult and I couldn't get the screen to click over right, so it was just kinda frustrating.


The Longest Game You've Played a Game?

This had to be for like 12 hours on a tour bus we played Madden all the way from Texas to Atlanta and I happen to be the winner. So I played all the way you know ...till the joystick got hot all the way, I was whoppin' everybody!

The Most Embarrassing Defeat?

This had to be when the NBA Live came out. My son is like 9 years old and he whopped me really bad... I didn't know how to play really good. Seem like he had some cheat codes or something! My little boy just beat the breaks off me at the house ...and you know he's always braggin' about that.


Your Favorite Gaming Character?

This has to be SubZero from Mortal Kombat you know, I can whop ass with SubZero all day and Mortal Kombat is like one of my favorite games anyway.

Celebrity Gamer That You'd Most Like to Battle?

I have to say its this guy called BlackOwned C-Bone in Atlanta he swear he the best at Madden and they play a lot online. So I've gotta sharpen my skills c'os I've been in the studio working on my album, so I got a little rusty but I'm tryin' to see whoever in a minute. Y'all gonna see me pop up and start whopping everybody! You know what I'm talkin' about - Yeeeaah!

So you know ...there's some info about my gaming this week. I want y'all to stay locked next week I'm gonna be giving y'all some gaming tips, you know some secret stuff I might know and erm ...elaborate on some of my favorite games, so I'mma see y'all next week. Y'all keep it locked right here this is Big Boi y'all know what time it is!

Rampage you ain't gettin' this blog back, I got it on lockdown now, we hijacked Rampage, we gon' do it next week too!



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