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The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K

Producer Woman | 00:21 UK time, Thursday, 3 June 2010


Yo this is J2K one part of the Roll Deep, Alliance and A-list Fam! (Yeah I know I'm a busy guy innit). Right now I'm about to kick off Rampage and take over this blog and guide you through my gaming habits and preferences so hold on to your control pad while I bring you into my world on a BIG MAN TING!!!! LOL JHEEEEZE!

So throughout the month of June I'm gonna be giving you a bit of insight into my gaming world, talking about things like my top 5 games of all time, my gaming tips and what my ultimate gaming fantasy would be. Yep its all about locking in each week and checking me out.

Oh and just before I get into this I just wanna add that my grandad use to throw all our computers in the KITCHEN bin if they were by the telly in the morning brand new or not!!!! PAR! PAR! PAR!

OK THEN now I got that off my chest let's get into this..........


Worst Game You've Ever Played?

........Erm! lemme think! Okay on a old school one it has to be "Ecco the Dolphin" I can't actually remember what the aim of the game was but I just recall being bored out of my face. Playing it was worst if I had to wait and watch someone else playing this utter garbage couldn't wait to turn it off to put in another game!

Longest Time You've played a Game?
Hmm... probably about 8 hours I'm not too sure! (Is that officially sad?)

Favorite Gaming Character (Hero or Villian).

My favorite gaming character of all time has to be Sonic the Hedgehog or KEN from Street Fighter I preferred him over Ryu cause I liked his cockyness and his dragon punches were better (that's just my opinion) and WHAT??


Most Embarrassing Defeat

My most embarrassing defeat would have to have to Lady Chann on Street Fighter of all games she gave me a spanking that day, but can I just say ... I weren't in the mood to play computer games that day... and I swear my pad was sticky and had all crisp crumbs all in it! (I'm just saying) ;-)

What's the most amount you'd spend on a game?

The most I would spend on a game is £40 I think that's pretty reasonable...(What did you think I was gonna floss and say £500 or something??? C'mon - be real).

So that's me for this post, check back with me next week to see what whilst I'll be chatting about from the gaming world.

Bless up.


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