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Producer Woman | 15:52 UK time, Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Check out Big Boi's special message to you guys out there..

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So you guys ready? You sure? Okay LETS GO!!

Worst Game You've Ever Played?

I would have to say.... is the home version of Dragons Lair, because erm... its very difficult its nothing like the arcade version, you know where the knights trying to go get the dragon? And it was you know... just real difficult and I couldn't get the screen to click over right, so it was just kinda frustrating.


The Longest Game You've Played a Game?

This had to be for like 12 hours on a tour bus we played Madden all the way from Texas to Atlanta and I happen to be the winner. So I played all the way you know ...till the joystick got hot all the way, I was whoppin' everybody!

The Most Embarrassing Defeat?

This had to be when the NBA Live came out. My son is like 9 years old and he whopped me really bad... I didn't know how to play really good. Seem like he had some cheat codes or something! My little boy just beat the breaks off me at the house ...and you know he's always braggin' about that.


Your Favorite Gaming Character?

This has to be SubZero from Mortal Kombat you know, I can whop ass with SubZero all day and Mortal Kombat is like one of my favorite games anyway.

Celebrity Gamer That You'd Most Like to Battle?

I have to say its this guy called BlackOwned C-Bone in Atlanta he swear he the best at Madden and they play a lot online. So I've gotta sharpen my skills c'os I've been in the studio working on my album, so I got a little rusty but I'm tryin' to see whoever in a minute. Y'all gonna see me pop up and start whopping everybody! You know what I'm talkin' about - Yeeeaah!

So you know ...there's some info about my gaming this week. I want y'all to stay locked next week I'm gonna be giving y'all some gaming tips, you know some secret stuff I might know and erm ...elaborate on some of my favorite games, so I'mma see y'all next week. Y'all keep it locked right here this is Big Boi y'all know what time it is!

Rampage you ain't gettin' this blog back, I got it on lockdown now, we hijacked Rampage, we gon' do it next week too!



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Mike Anthony | 22:33 UK time, Thursday, 24 June 2010


Let me tell straight away.....I'm NOT a Mario fan! SHOCK! HORROR! GASP! I hear you say....
Look, when it come to platform games like Mario and Sonic I think of an 11 year old, kids graphics and repetitive gameplay.

In 2007 Super Mario Galaxy changed my opinion. Now with a packet of onion rings and a tall glass of orange juice filled with ice, its time for the second installment. Check out what I thought of it here.

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Available on: Wii
Rated: 3

Five joysticks

The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K : Final Week

Producer Woman | 09:35 UK time, Thursday, 24 June 2010


Easy guys

It's your boy J2K, so its my final week to post on this gaming blog. Gotta say its great :-) just chatting about gaming over this past month.

Last week I was counting down my favorite top 5 games of all time, and talking about my most memorable gaming experience. If you haven't read it yet, wot you lot waiting on go check it NOW. Read on and check out what I'm talking about on my final week....

So Mike and Trebs gave me the choice of 5 different games and then asked me what category I'd put each of these games in out of these categories buying it, begging it or borrowing it.

Ok here goes......


Buy IT! - Although I don't care about this everyone and there dog does

BIN IT! - Cause I just bought a nice new bin for the kitchen

BIN IT - Cause who cares?

BUY IT! - Cah you dun know!!!!

BIN IT! - Its not masculine enough for me!



This would be sitting in the London Imax playing Pac-Man in 3D eating a pollow pesto with an Avatar chick drinking Cocopina out of beer glasses!! Yup! That would be memorable!!

So that's me, hope you guys have enjoyed reading weekly my posts, and have got a bit more insight into my gaming world. It's been wicked kicking Rampage off and having the blog all to myself, I think I may have to do it again what do your reckon? You could see me pop up from time to time, talking all things gaming, but until then... Shout out to the guys for letting me write on this prestigious gaming blog.

To all my peeps out there, keep supporting. Watch out for my forthcoming single with Rose's Gabor - Don't Let Go. Its coming!! For more info with whats going on with me check out out my blog here.

Untill then... I'm out!!


The E3 games expo in L.A was ridiculously BIG!!!

Treble T | 13:43 UK time, Friday, 18 June 2010


The biggest gaming announcments and news all come out at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Now being the dudes we are, we got well excited about all of it!!!

Urban artists are now just as excitable cos they all turned up. We're talking from
peeps like Pharrell who are actually going to be in a game, click here to see who else famous is getting digitsed into an actual game
Then there was also artists that just turned up and performed but we're talking cream of the crop aritists like Eminem duetting with Rhianna (BIG!) Plus a whole heap, Usher, Will I Am Have a look at the plethora of artists that rocked up. ...

Speaking of Hip Hop artists, we've already given you the exclusives on Def Jam Rap Star. Redman and Method were also at E3.....WOOP WOOP! Games and Hip Hop is music to my ears and Redmans!
And of course there was some juicy tech news too:

Microsoft Kinect:
Almost like your Xbox is alive!!

The new slim line Xbox:
Like the old one but er... slimmer (Looks kinda nice though).

The Nintendo 3DS:
Huh... 3D gaming on a handheld?!? I'll believe it when I see it.

The Playstation 3 motion controller:
Like the Wii but on a PS3. (Yippeee, at least it should have better graphics!)

We love our, gadgets and music. (sigh). We are complete!

The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K : Week 3

Producer Woman | 20:59 UK time, Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Yes people J2K but in the place. What's going on?

I'm back to bring you the next latest installment into "J2K's Gaming World". Okay so last week I was giving you my top 3 valuable gaming tips. (If you missed check it here). I hope you guys paid attention and took note. Very useful stuff!

So this week I've been asked to give you my top 5 games of all time. (Of all time - you know!) So this is one I had to think about to make sure I got them all in, and make sure that I represent correctly. So after a bit of thought this is what I came up with. Now can I just add these are in now particular order. (Very important to stress this). Have a butchers and let me know what you think.

(Remember no order particular order... cool).

1. Street Fighter:
I mean if this ain't in anybodies 5 then please don't talk to me we have nothing in
in common!!! Lol.


2. California Games:
This is old school but I remember this being a real challenge to get through the
events, u had to have real skills for this.

3. Pro Evo :
Need I say anymore.

4. Time Crises :
Nuff action full on shoot em up at its best. Rught up my street mate!!

5. Sonic the Hedgehog :
Cause it use to trance me out. Lol.



My most memorable gaming moment has to be clocking Street Fighter for the first time with KEN and thinking "is that it?" I was always disappointed with the endings on that game the amount of hours I put into that game I felt I deserved more. I got that feeling with a few games still!

Other then that I do remember watching one of my cousins on one them gaming shows on TV. One back in the day talking about he lost cause he's hands were cold....kmt! Propa let down man!!! Looool shout outs to Bradley Thomas hahaha yes that's your name and I'm baiting you up! I SHOULDA BEEN ON THAT SHOW!

Okay I'm gone for another week people, hope you got a bit more of an insight into how I get down when it comes to my gaming habits. Next week is my final blog post (wow can't believe time has gone that quick). Make sure you check me back then, where I'll be telling you about about my ultimate gaming experience amongst other things. Okay I'm out.

Bless Up.


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Drake's in Gears of War 3 and he ain't alone.

Mike Anthony | 11:04 UK time, Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Drakes in Gears of War 3!!

Well after seeing Jay Z and Eminem endorse DJ Hero 1 and the news that Ushers in DJ Hero 2, Pharrell Williams will headline the soundtrack to the action game True Crimes:Hong Kong and Eminem's track from his Recovery album is gonna feature in the latest Call of Duty Black Ops. The news has been announced that in (the biggest game of 2011) Drake will now be joining the cast of Gears of war 3!! Unlike the the other artists, this isn't he just loaning a track or making one for the game, he's actually gonna be a character!! And its not some random part its apparently one of the main dudes in the game. He's gonna be playing Joce Stratton who will be a central character to the final chapter in this game trilogy.

And he says really excited "When Epic came to me with the role, I couldn't pass it up," said Drake. "They've created an amazing character in Jace, and I'm looking forward to my tour in Delta Squad." The game isn't dropping untill Aprill next year, but I can't wait to get my hands on it.

What do you think about artists getting involved in games? Do you think its big kids indulging themselves? Does it add anything special to the game? Or are marketing men smelling gaming dollars? Do you think Drake really plays Gears or do his kids just want free Xboxes for life? Holla back on the blog let me know what you think.

Check out some artists performing at this years.

BBC Switch check out a Pokémon battle royale!

Online Person Online Person | 18:33 UK time, Monday, 14 June 2010

Our friends at BBC Switch went to scope out The UK Qualifier for the World Pokémon Video Game Championship. Have a watch of Aiss' report from Birmingham and see who won a trip to Hawaii!

Ace Reviews UFC Undisputed 2010

Producer Woman | 22:36 UK time, Sunday, 13 June 2010


S'up bloggers, its your boy Ace, (thats right other half of the dynamic duo Ace n' Vis). I've been bugging Mike and Trebs to let off some games to me to review for ages, and now I've finally managed to get my hands on one. UFC Undisputed 2010.

UFC/MMA fighting is popping off right now!! Slowly going away are the days when professional wrestlers are the dons of TV fighting. Now instead of dudes in tights and masks jumping off of ropes and hitting each other with chairs its all about 2 very insane looking fighters squaring off in an Octagon. Yeah UFC ain't as drama filled as the WWE but the difference is UFC fighters can't be messed with!! So can the same be said about this game??

Read the rest of this entry

Exclusive Annoucement: DJ Hero 2 is coming!

Treble T | 05:31 UK time, Friday, 11 June 2010


Now you know we're officially World Record breaking DJ's here at 1Xtra. Well here's a game thats very fitting. DJ HERO!

It's coming back, a game we took a very close interest in first time round, and we came to the conclusion that DJ Hero 1 was flippin good fun especially after playing disturbingly competitive Shola Ama and really getting to grips with the controls! (Check it back here). The only problem was you couldn't actually learn how to DJ! (Bit of problem). So now they've announced the new one, I can't wait to get my hands on it and see if Its closer to my "real" DJ experience or even if it's just more good clean fun. Details have just been announced with new stuff like new mixes, fresh mash ups and exclusive free downloadable tunes so check out the website here.

The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K Week 2

Producer Woman | 00:31 UK time, Thursday, 10 June 2010


S'up bloggers, J2K back in the place.

Yeah it week I'm continuing my reign on this gaming blog, whilst Rampage go and make me a cuppa (2 sugars boys!). So last week you got a little taste of my gaming history, worst defeat, longest time I spent on game etc.... This week's I'm giving you some valuable tips that you need to know when gaming, check this out....


1. Your TV has to be no less then 20 inches and NEEDS to be a good quality TV
its not about that ancient TV your nan used had back in the day. TRUST ME!!

2. Make sure you have a dud pad spare for any tournaments that take place.

3. Always be ready to press the reset button incase of any emergency (i.e losing
by some sort of accident! Lol)



Back in the day one game that I couldn't stop playing had to be Sonic th Hedgehog the game had me completely gassed! Particularly the music that played a massive part in it it was hypnotic I remember my nan use to come in the room and shout at me to blink I was completely tranced out swear down Lol! Doctor Robotnic used to make the hair stand up at the back of my neck real talk!! His intro music was a nexxxxt tiiiing!!!

On a more recent gaming situation though there still ain't a game that can hold my attention longer then Pro Evolution can! Actually its between that and Fight Night!! Although I aint played that for ages.

That's me for another week, check back with me next week to find out what my top 5 games of all time are, (bwoy ...thats gonna be a tough one, gotta give it some serious thought ), so hit me back next week and see if you agree with my top 5.

Bless up.


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Mike Anthony | 15:13 UK time, Friday, 4 June 2010


Now we were the first to break the news on who was gonna be the first UK rappers on DefJam Rap. (Dizzie Rascal and Tinie Tempah)

We've again scooped the news that Tinchy and N-Dubz (Number 1) will also feature. The UK version of the game is looking amazing. (Can't Wait).

Fresh instrumentals by Just Blaze and DJ Premier add to the freesyling element on the Game.The official release date for Def Jam Rapstar UK is 5th Novemeber . Its looking big people..... Remember I told you!!

The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K

Producer Woman | 00:21 UK time, Thursday, 3 June 2010


Yo this is J2K one part of the Roll Deep, Alliance and A-list Fam! (Yeah I know I'm a busy guy innit). Right now I'm about to kick off Rampage and take over this blog and guide you through my gaming habits and preferences so hold on to your control pad while I bring you into my world on a BIG MAN TING!!!! LOL JHEEEEZE!

So throughout the month of June I'm gonna be giving you a bit of insight into my gaming world, talking about things like my top 5 games of all time, my gaming tips and what my ultimate gaming fantasy would be. Yep its all about locking in each week and checking me out.

Oh and just before I get into this I just wanna add that my grandad use to throw all our computers in the KITCHEN bin if they were by the telly in the morning brand new or not!!!! PAR! PAR! PAR!

OK THEN now I got that off my chest let's get into this..........


Worst Game You've Ever Played?

........Erm! lemme think! Okay on a old school one it has to be "Ecco the Dolphin" I can't actually remember what the aim of the game was but I just recall being bored out of my face. Playing it was worst if I had to wait and watch someone else playing this utter garbage couldn't wait to turn it off to put in another game!

Longest Time You've played a Game?
Hmm... probably about 8 hours I'm not too sure! (Is that officially sad?)

Favorite Gaming Character (Hero or Villian).

My favorite gaming character of all time has to be Sonic the Hedgehog or KEN from Street Fighter I preferred him over Ryu cause I liked his cockyness and his dragon punches were better (that's just my opinion) and WHAT??


Most Embarrassing Defeat

My most embarrassing defeat would have to have to Lady Chann on Street Fighter of all games she gave me a spanking that day, but can I just say ... I weren't in the mood to play computer games that day... and I swear my pad was sticky and had all crisp crumbs all in it! (I'm just saying) ;-)

What's the most amount you'd spend on a game?

The most I would spend on a game is £40 I think that's pretty reasonable...(What did you think I was gonna floss and say £500 or something??? C'mon - be real).

So that's me for this post, check back with me next week to see what whilst I'll be chatting about from the gaming world.

Bless up.


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