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Warioware D.I.Y by Cheyenne "Rampage" Anthony

Mike Anthony | 11:38 UK time, Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hi bloggers this is Cheyenne "Rampage" (My dad Mike Anthony is that 1xtra Dj). So my dad come home and asks me if I wanna review Warioware D.I.Y and I'm like yeah. So what's it like?....

Well its more or less labelled as this generation's Mario Paint. While you can complete games that consist of quick 5 second weird and wonderful challenges like Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (that game is JOOKES :), create your own short games, go from finding people in the dark to picking noses.. .gross. As well as designing, programming, drawing, and music composing. It's pretty easy to get the jist, but if you ask me, it's really recommended to people who are into things like designing games and graphics. Definately engaging and quite addictive if this is your sort of thing, so if it is, GO FOR IT!

Bare in mind this is a "tap" based game. No drag and dropping anywhere, no D-pad and I'm not mashing down buttons. Sadly, its not really my thing......... but the good thing is, theres subtitles, so I don't have to listen to the strange background music :) now, here's the question. Would I rather play this or shall I listen to the yummalicious Jusitn Bieber? ...J.Bieber. aahahahhahahaha. Do you need to ask! :').


Available on: DS Only

Three joysticks


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