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The World of Gaming according to Lethal B... Week 3

Producer Woman | 18:26 UK time, Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Yes yes yes da Bizzle back again, to give you the next installment of my gaming posts.
So its week three and I'm still going strong, continuing my domination on this gaming blog, while Rampage play their position!

So last week I gave you my top 3 gaming tips, if you missed that post go check it out here. This week's I'm giving you my all time favourite top 5 games now this one required some thought, cos there's a whole of games out there, so I had to make sure I got it right, check it out and let me know what you think...


(5) 007- Goldeneye (On the Nintendo 64)
Probably the best gun game ever. Back in the day all my boys used to come round with their different colour control pads and we used to go at it 4 player.


(4) Mario Kart (On the Nintendo 64)
The most funniest car game in history, my favourite car game, one of those games I used to be on for hours and hours and hours, my favourite character was Todd.

(3) Pro Evo Soccer 5 (On the Playstation)
This is my favourite version of Pro Evo. Game play was perfect, not too fast or too slow, the handling of the ball is definitely the best, and the shooting of the ball was very adventurous, even have a cop from the half way line.

(2) Street Fighter( Xbox)
The best fighting game in history, and my best fighting game ever- no other fighting game comes close.


(1) Call Of Duty 2 (Xbox)
This is my favourite game ever made, and the online play is too entertaining. Definitely not the right game to play when you've got a busy day ahead, cos the next thing you know you'll lose 9 hours of your life- so Ive been told anyway.


Most memorable was the Pro Evo tournament in the tour bus in 2007 on the NME tour. Basically there was 10 of us in the tournament, and everyone put a tenner in, and had to play everybody once and I did NOT LOSE a game, and I won the whole tournament. (C'mon you know how we do). Big!

Thats me for another week, check back with me for my final post next week where I'll telling you about about my ultimate gaming experience, BIG!! Untill then keep mashing them buttons...

I'm out.


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