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The world of Gaming according to Lethal Bizzle .. Week 2

Producer Woman | 10:30 UK time, Thursday, 13 May 2010


S'up bloggers, its your Bizzle back in the land of blog!

Yep I'm continuing my reign on this gaming blog, whilst Rampage FALL BACK!! So last week you got a little taste of my gaming history, worst defeat, longest time I spent on game etc.... This week's an informative one, for those of you that don't know, here's useful info to help you out... read on...


1) Eliminate any distractions - Put your phone onto vibrate and avoid all calls, and
don't forget turn the house buzzer of, that one always catches you out!

2) Make sure you got loads of munchies at arms length, (its not about having to get
up.) sweets, drinks, crisps, FOOD!!

3) Don't lose, (goes without saying).



Super Street Fighter 4 is my current new favourite, it's probably is the best Street Fighter ever. (I know big talk right?). The finishing super moves are absolutely ridiculous. The new characters are really cool, graphics are sick. The only one bad thing is that it just takes too much of your day up. Once you get on it, it's hard to stop. (I'm addicted!!)

Okay so thats me for another week, check back with me next week to find out what my top 5 games of all time are, (yeah...that requires some serious thought), untill then keep mashing them buttons...



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