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The world of gaming according to Lethal Bizzle

Producer Woman | 15:16 UK time, Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Yes it's the Bizzle!! I'm taking over the blog this month yep that's right I've kicked Rampage off (well sort of), and throughout this month, each week. I'm gonna be showing you how I go hard on my gaming, we're talking my top 5 games, gaming tips, best gaming experience - all that good stuff!

So make sure you check in each week to see what gaming stuff I'm chatting about so we're kickin' off with some background info on my gaming habits.


Worst game you've ever played.

Deal or no Deal - this is the swaggest game ever made!! I'm a fan of the show so I got excited and got the game when it came out, and the game was just a total let down. It was so boring, a total joke! I took it back and tried to get a refund but they wouldn't let me return it so i just threw it in the bin - Swag!!


Longest time you've ever played a game.

Probably a whole day, it was the first Grand Theft Auto, and I wanted to try and clock it in one day, cos Ozzie B had done it in 2 days, but I couldn't get it finished in the 1 day.

Most embarrassing defeat.

I lost to an 11 year old kid on Pro Evo, it was my friends little brother who challenged me to Pro Evo soccer, throught he was a little kid and I could easily give him a good beating but he smacked it beat me 3-1, pretty embarrassing!! My mate still goes on about it to this day.

Favourite gaming character (Hero or Villain)

Ken - Street Fighter is my favourite character of all time, I remember playing it from when I was a kid, and I always picked him, and even now I'm a true loyal Ken fan.


What's the most amount of money you'd spend on a game?

If I like the game, to be honest, there isn't really any option but to have it. It doesn't matter how much it would cost, if I wanted it I would even sell something to get it. (Is that sad?).

Okay check back with me next week to find out what else I'll be chatting about in the world of gaming untill then....



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