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Guest Blogger JME takes on a Street Fighter champ!

Producer Woman | 11:00 UK time, Thursday, 29 April 2010


If you're a Boy Betta Know fan, they'll you're probably know that JME from the crew is a DON at Street Fighter and since the new Super Super Fighter IV is just dropping, we thought it was only right to get him bless this blog. So over to you JME.

What you saying guys, JME here.... So Super Street fighter IV is being launched Capcom are having an exclusive friendly play day down in central london and I was personally invited first of all I was too excited for words, so I just said "BOY BETTER KNOW!!"

I got down there, nice and late, as soon as i walk in i see Lethal Bizzle battering guys! No actually, first I saw free drinks, so I got myself a double apple juice (you know how we do) then yeh, I saw Lethal B just brushing guys off the screen. I walked around a bit to take in the atmosphere and all the new characters and all the good stuff, shook a few hands, finally got to meet the Capcom team, who I only ever get to contact via email, big up Leo and Jay.

Then I before I can even sit down, I see Treble T telling the best player in the whole of europe that I... yes ME.. Jamie Adenuga.. JME.. I said i can beat him??!!?!?!!
I was baffed? but I should have known anyway, if Rampage are there... trouble is only around the corner....

So now I have the biggest match I've ever played ahead of me so I needed to get some practice, so who better to practice on?

Leo from Capcom!! yes.. he battered me, to cut a long story short, but I was just warming up, getting used to the new game, which was so glossy, new, bright and colourful, I was taking it all in so I couldn't play to the best of my ability, excuses excuses I know but I swear its true, I'm the best!

So I'm just there chilling now, I've got Lethal B telling me he is the best, I've got the best player in europe thinking I think I'm better than him and we got Leo laughing at me because he has just mopped the floor with my durag.

The anger and tension was building!!

I was with my little brother who is also Street Fighter fanatic, and he was just mesmerized by all the female characters, he only uses female characters, I'm yet to know why???
All he wanted to do was play as Ibuki and Juri, so I let him have a go while I wiped my sweaty palms ready for the big battle against Europe's finest, Ryan Hart.

Ok so Ryans ready, and I'm not so ready but I'm there anyway, this was the best for me, as I had no confidence just skill, plus he picked Sagat so I played well and didn't try anything too fancy, just executed all my combos perfectly I'm a Gouken master and it paid off, I won!!

As we started round two, Ryan changed character and picked Ryu, so I was thrown off a bit, but I didn't let it stop me, I was still going in! I juggled him into the corner and was one move from finishing him.......then yeh, he batted my whole face!

It was down to the final round, I still had a good chance at beating him, my confidence levels were through the roof, he stuck with Ryu again, and we went right down to the last pixel of health each, it was so close, so close, but the better man won, Ryan beat me.
I think its down to experience, as he's competed in hundreds of tournaments and dealt with the pressure easily. I played well though if I may say so myself.

After that, I was ready for anything, so I ventured around the room playing friendly matches with everyone, there was around ten to twenty setups so there was always a game somewhere, did I say free drinks? Yes I did, but I'Il say it again anyway free drinks ha!

It was an amazing day, and I'm glad I was a part of it, and I will never ever forget I BEAT RYAN HART - STREETFIGHTER EUROPEAN CHAMPION! (...well one round... but its still a win anyway!). Now all thats left for me to do is get practicing on Super Street fighter IV so that the next time there's a gathering, I am going to Hadoken and Tatsumaki my way through everyone!! Boy Betta know!


Check out all the pics from the event here and don't forget to listen back to the show



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