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MAG - Can it take on the big MW2?

Mike Anthony | 10:07 UK time, Friday, 12 February 2010


OK....C.O.D.MW2 has lived with me like a welcome lodger who pays more rent than he should, on time every month. Now I got a new lodger in for a while, paying slightly less rent, but does most things right!

M.A.G stands for Massive Action Game, and bwoy is it massive!. Its a good game, good idea on a good system with bad promotion. Who wouldn't want to be on-line, on a huge map with 256 other gamers! Now thats what I call MULTIPLAY BOYYYYYYY! Each player customised to suite their particular needs. As you progress you can respawn via parachaute, APC (Armoured Personel Carrier) or defence turret. The more you play the more skill points and experience you get. Use these to upgrade your weapons, call in air strikes.....rise through the command structure and take control of your squad.

I'm well impressed at how well the servers cope with 256 players.....

So I've lived with Call of Duty in my house like a very welcome guest called Halle Berry and what's happened is Beyonce (A game called Mags) keeps pinging my fone. So I've relented and let her into my house (PS3). So after playing this game for a while Halle might get kicked to the curb. ("Errrr.. maybe just maybe you should take a break from playing some many video games!" - Producer woman!).

Only available on the PS3 it's a first person shooter with a difference. Wait for it - There aint no story mode what so eve. Yep you did hear me right. Its all about the online multiplayer and that's because you can have up to 256 people in the same game room. (blooop blooop!).

Standard features include upgrading you weapons with scopes, grenade launchers blah blah and nice touchs like re-spawning from planes. Really theres nothing out of the ordinary with this game. Standard for next gen games now is top notch graphics, sick audio and supersmooth gameplay but the size of the game enviroments is massive. I didn't measure but 5 miles square would not be going over the top. This plus the ridiculous amount of people in one room sets this apart from every other console game ever made. If you liked a 1st person shooter like Gears, COD, Rainbow 6, then this will defo float your boat.
Available on PS3 only
Rated 18+

Four joysticks


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