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Mike Anthony | 10:24 UK time, Thursday, 25 February 2010


Now this is one of the strangest games I've ever played. Trying to find a word that sums Heavy Rain up is a struggle. (Not like you to be at a loss for words - Producer Woman). So I'll give you a little breakdown of this adventure/rpg title from Sony.

Firstly you have to approach this game like a detective story book..... I know what your thinking, but hear me out. You're part of an interactive movie and play four characters in a city where young sons are mysteriously going missing, then turn up dead with an origami figure on their chests...DEEP!

So let me breakdown the characters:

Ethan Mars - has to find his son Shaun Mars before it's too late. Already suffering from the loss of one of his kids, he's a desperate, tortured soul in this complex story.

Madison Paige - a photographer with some know what paparazzi are like! They never know when to stop to get to that picture.

Scott Shelby - a typical private investigator, over weight, looks like he's been sleeping rough and possibly drinks too much. Employed by families of the victims and determined also to get to the truth.

Norman Jayden - FBI Agent brought in to solve this case with some nice gadgets but NOT to be trusted.

This is for the patient game player who appreciates good stories, innovative game play and has knack for puzzle solving. When it gets REALLY gets going!
For me it's the beginning of a new genre and style of game and we absolutely love it.

Rated: 15
Available on: PS3 Only

Five joysticks


  • Comment number 1.

    I'm getting increasingly excited about the release of this game - I've been monitoring it since I saw The Casting technical demo in 2006.

    Finally, I'll get my chance tomorrow. =D


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