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Rampage's Top Ten Gadgets of the Decade

Mike Anthony | 11:33 UK time, Thursday, 11 February 2010


Okay so last week we looked at our top ten games of the decade, and after much debate we posted our list. So this week's its only right we check out the best gadgets of the decade, and again after much debate we got there. However I drew the line at T wanting to put his battery operated buttocks enhancer on there. (You may jest but at least my backside is firm MIKE!!- Treble)

Now I know some of these inventions/gadgets have been around for a while but these are Rampages absolute bangers that have come to fruition in the last 10 years. So lets get cracking...

10. Flip Video Ultra (2007)
Cheap, small and easy to use. Great to have on the move and easy to edit. HD is a massive bonus too.

9. Bluetooth Earpiece (2000)
Hands free and looking like a FBI Agent, the blue tooth ear piece is a must when driving and a life saver when you're on the move.

8.USB Flash Drive (2000)
Cheap and essential for moving everything around in this digital age. Nearly everyone has one. I can even DJ a whole set off one. Fantastic.... just hate losing them!!!

7. Sony Playstion 3/Blu-ray (2006)
Why buy a Blu-ray player when this beast of a machine has all that you need. On-line, gaming, browsing and blu-ray player. Now with BBC iplayer!Woop Woop

6. XBox (2002)
This baby revolutionised on-line game play. Come on!!Do you even need to ask? Stay in your house and play around the world or with friends home life has never been the same. (Build quality was the only downside, but it didn't stop crazy sales.)

5. Blackberry (2002)
The best communication device. Office and briefcase on the go. BBM for me had phone companies spinnning!

4. iPhone (2007)
Mobile media player/web browser/gaming console/GPS, 250'000 apps.....Oh and its a phone! Customise your phone to personally work for all your needs. Brilliant if not one of the best all round phone/gadget on the market.

3. Wii Remote (2006)
The massive increase and drive of the gaming industry came in the form of the Wii. More families, younger kids and women got into gaming and gone was the days of being a couch patatoe. As for the price....well, nearly every home has one.

2. Pioneer CDJ (2002)
Where would I be without one. This is the Technics 1200 turntable of the noughties. Pays the bills and is now the industrty standard in clubs. I mean.....when did you last see a DJ bring his or her records to a club - exactly!

1. iPod (2001)
Mp3 players where out before the iPod, but bwoy did Apple sexy up this part of the industry. The look and feel was bang on. Again its a product that has become standard with most people across the globe. So it has to be the number 1.

Do you agree with our list? What's your top gadgets in the last 10 years? Get involved.



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