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Batman Arkham Asylum (Guest Reviewer: Ace)

Producer Woman | 18:19 UK time, Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Now I can't lie games that have come from comic book characters are usually pants. Them Spiderman games have been poor and that DC Universe vs Mortral Kombat had so much potential but was was dead! But....HOLY COW, BATMAN! THIS GAME IS SERIOUS!!

Everyone obviously knows who Batman is but you probably are not familiar with Arkham Asylum. Its actually the iconic psychiatric hospital, which is like Gotham City's Alcatraz, and home to every villain Batman has ever rumbled with at one time or another, and now thanks to a genius plan by Batman's Arch nemesis the Joker, all the villains are about to break out of the hospital.

As Batman, you not only get to go beat up and embarrass thugs by doing some impressive fighting combos, but you play with great gadgets, solve up to 240 riddles courtesy of the Riddler, and do a decent amount of detective work. This is definitely one of those games you want to play on your day when there's nothing that you could be late for cos its extremely addictive!!

The story mode is sick! The deep you get the more you want to do and the futher you want to get and just when you start get bored of walking through hall ways and beating up thugs in comes a super villan, excellent!!

In the infra red mode you can detect the scared stiff hospital staff, see whose carrying a weapon and suss out what walls you can run through Heavy!! Needless to say the Gameplay is good. Very easy to pull off fighting combos and navigate Batman. Which is good cos usually games like this can have you walking around in circles for 4 hours passing the same unconscious thug you beat up hours ago. The graphics and the look of the game is on point. However the game is quite dark and sinister and the voice over and music helps to give it a thriller/scary movie feel, so if you're not into this type of genre, this probably ain't for you.

Overall this a very good game my only criticism is that you dont get to drive the Batmobile at any point. (Gutted). Other than that it will keep you playing for hours!

Rated: 15
Available on:
X360, PS3, PC (coming soon)
Four joysticks


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