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Glossary: All those long words that we don't understand.

Treble T | 16:01 UK time, Monday, 22 June 2009

Hey this is for all of you guys whose eyes glaze over at the smallest mention of gigabytes,3G,Hi-def and L.E.Ds.....The Rampage glossary is to make sense of all those long words that geeky reviewers use(Not me!) Because I barely understand them either.......Make sure you check back because we will be adding new words that make us sound like we know what we're talking about......

1. HD/Hi-Def or Hi definition TV. Basically a better picture than you get on your old big back TV.

2. Next-Gen or next generation console.- Basically an Xbox or PS3 a console that outputs Hi Def graphics.

3. Blu Ray - The only format for hi-def movies(the HD format has followed betamax to tech heaven)

4. CRT.LCD.LED and Plasma - Different types of TV. You don't wanna own a CRT cos all the rest are flat.

5. 1st person shooter - A game where you shoot at people from the eyes of the character.

6. 3rd person shooter. - A game where you shoot at people from over the characters shoulder.

7. Sports Sim. - Er... a simulation of a sport game duh!

8. Role playing. - (RPG)A game where your decisions affect the outcome and course of the game.

9. Xbox live/Playstation Network - The two rival online gaming services.

10. 3G.GPRS.WAP.WIFI - Ways of connecting to the internet on your phone.


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    My Latest Gadget Has To Be My Sega. Had It from When I Was About 7 That's Like 10 Years Ago. Still Sometimes Plays On It Now. Reminds Me When I used To Be On It Constantly Back In The Day. Don't Watch That It's Still In Good Condition :)


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