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Newsweek Scotland: string up the bunting

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Derek Bateman Derek Bateman | 16:00 UK time, Friday, 1 June 2012

I've been helping to string up the Union Jack bunting in the Newsweek office this week and I've got Elgar on the ayepod. Some people are very dismissive of the Monarchy but once you've been to Buckingham Palace, as I have, you feel a closeness to the Royal Family. I'm thinking of replicating the Royal Barge procession on the Thames with some paper boats in the duck pond in Kelvingrove Park. I hear some of the Glasgow locals are planning to barbecue swan but I think that may be illegal. (It is illegal. Can we move on - the Producer)

We will have a Jubilee twist in the programme from Gillian our Royal Reporter (By Appointment) but we'll also be focussing on the developing idea inside the Coalition - and even Labour - that Britain should have a referendum on European membership. The figures for the Tory membership on this question are amazing - about 80 per cent want to come out of the EU. But here's a thing. How will that play in our referendum? Are the Tories risking the clarity of their position on the constitution by raising Europe? What if Scotland's question was couched this way - Do you want an independent Scotland in Europe or a United Kingdom outside the EU? We'll debate that and Scotland's pound - whose is the Bank of England anyway? George Kerevan and Angus Macleod will enlighten us.

Syria's in a mess, to put it mildly. The western nations are pushing to protect civilians from their own government who are acting with impunity and in the presence of UN observers. So what might be solution? We hear from Carne Ross who knows the workings of the UN from the inside.

We'll get an inside view of Leveson from James Cusick. Why is Hunt's approval of BskyB OK when Cable's antipathy wasn't OK?

Have we lost our opposition to GM crops? There seems to have been a sea change now that GM has been going for over a decade with no Frankenstein effect so far. We hear from James Randerson of the Guardian how attitudes are changing.

Now I'm just coming to the crescendo in Land of Hope and Glory...must stand up and salute for this bit...catch us tomorrow at 8.



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