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The most incredible 300 metres I've ever run

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Bryan Burnett | 11:25 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Today I got the chance to run with the Olympic flame in my home town of Aberdeen.

My moment to shine was over three hours ago and I have thought of nothing else since. I mean that literally - every conversation, every email, every waking moment. My paper is unread and my breakfast hardly touched.

How can someone running through the streets with a big shiny stick have that effect not just on me but on the tens of thousands who come out to see it in every town it visits. That must be down to the magic of the Olympics. It's proper magic - the kind that can turn something ordinary into an experience of a lifetime.

Bryan Burnett running with the Olympic Torch in Aberdeen, 12 June 2012.

Bryan Burnett running with the Olympic Torch in Aberdeen, 12 June 2012.

The Torchbearers uniform has always reminded me a superhero outfit and that is appropriate. When you are standing in the middle of the road in your shiny white suit, holding aloft the golden torch then you feel totally invincible. It's almost like you are drawing strength from the flame.

When you run with it you are aware of all the voices shouting you on, all the kids clapping and cameras snapping but there are moments when you feel like its just you and the flame.

It's odd because although in some respects it's over in a flash, at other times during my run I was able to gather my thoughts and reflect on the notion of the torch relay and what it stands for on a wider and much more personal level.

At one point I looked up at the flame and thought about the fact that this was the same flame that came from Greece and will be the same one that will inspire our athletes on the eve of the London 2012 games.

That was the moment when the importance of this torch relay hit home.

The atmosphere on these routes has been well documented over the last few weeks. It's not hype. It really is as exciting as they promised it would be.

All Torchbearers are led out on a shuttle bus around ten minutes ahead of the convoy. Even the shuttle bus was drawing cheers and waves from the crowd. We waved back of course like some 20 strong royal entourage. We might have been up since 5am for our briefing but some of the crowds had been there since not long after that.

For me one of the best bits of the torch relay is that ability to get into different communities and inspire everyone about the Olympics.

Thousands of people are lining the routes every day and sometimes they have no idea why they are there - they just want to be part of it. In Aberdeen the council estimate that 40,000 people came out just to be part of it.

I am honoured to have been allowed to play my part in it. I have spent the past decade running in races of every description. However I could run 3000 miles and none of it could come close to the 300 metres I ran this morning.

Listen to Pass It On... with Bryan Burnett from 1810 on 12 June to hear more from Bryan about this incredible experience.



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