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Ricky Ross Ricky Ross | 12:38 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's my delight to be on the airwaves over Easter weekend. On Easter Sunday morning we'll celebrate the most optimistic days in the Christian calendar with Chris Foxon. Chris is a Methodist Minister in Partick, Glasgow. In perhaps one of the most moving and life affirming stories Chris will share his own Easter story which took him from despair to hope and made him re-evaluate the basis of his Christian Faith.

We'll also hear the voices of some young people who would like the miracle of hope to break into their lives. Unfortunately for them the reality of unemployment looms large and we'll ask them how they find hope in these very hard times.

Ricky's Country Jukebox

Ricky's Country Jukebox

On Good Friday I'll bring you a 2 hour celebration of all that I love in country music. Starting with some of the key records that made me first love country, I'll try to share with you my love of the records which still make me stop the car, sit down or inflict Hank, Patsy or Carrie on my family. I hope you'll love some and I'm sure you'll tell me what I've missed out. Either way it will be a fun ride.


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