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MacAulay and Co: Fractious Fractures

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Simone Byrne Simone Byrne | 14:44 UK time, Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fred and Karen were asking listeners about fractures or broken bones they'd had over the years. Read some of the texts sent in to the team below and listen to a clip of the show as Fred finds out how best to cope with a broken bone ...

From JD
During a game of rugby last season I managed to break my cheek and eye socket, along with fracturing my eyebrow in 3 places! Result was a metal plate 4 screws and a blue yellow and green face for 6 weeks. I'm still playing and apart from some loss of feeling in my face I'm ok.

From Richard
When I was nine I fell out a tree and suffered a compound fracture of the femur. When I came round i could see bone sticking out. Spent two months in hospital.

Sandy in Kilmarnock
I broke my femur playing football aged nine. I went on to compete in Olympic weightlifting with no problems.

No name given
Nothing broken or fractured, but brother nearly served tongue playing goalie in football when he went down for a ball and the other team's striker tried to kick the ball missing it and kicking my brothers chin forcing his mouth to close and biting his own tongue. Went to A&E who said best to just leave it as it would heal on its own as it's the fastest healing part of your body.

Lesley, West Lothian
Broke my wrist on Christmas Day 2007 after slipping on ice. Missed my dinner and ruined everyone else's! Had 2 ops and had 2 wear a frame for 6wks. On the plus side was in and out of A&E in an hour! 5pm on Christmas day is the time to go!

I broke my collar bone when rolling my Easter egg. I was nine.

I was grass skiing at Hillend jumped over a couple of gorse bushes landed on my shoulder when I looked at it, my collarbone was broken and sticking out agony.

Dr Pete
Morning guys, I had my skull fractured, my arm snapped in half between the elbow and wrist, two herniated disks and broken ribs 13 years ago when I was hit by a truck doing 55 miles an hour whilst I was on my bike on my way home from work. Apart from the instant pain, I felt very little until later due to shock. The driver didn't see me and I still suffer from issues related to it to this day. The moral of the story: if you are on two wheels in South Florida, ride like you are invisible because drivers don't see you :)

Graeme in Neilston
Broke my index finger , fractured skull , fractured shoulder blade after being knocked down by car when i was 8 helping pal across road , i went back for his tonka truck and on way back for it got hit with car...

Paul the postie, from Glasgow
I fell through a roof while fitting ventilation, fell 50 feet, broke my pelvis, chipped my spine in 4 places and landed between two vat's of boiling water. Lucky boy!

Jon Smith, Montrose
Fractured ankle when best friend landed on my left foot while having student piggy back fight on the West Sands at St Andrews.

Ali in Edinburgh
I broke my wrist and broke my shoulder on opposite sides racing motorcycles just as my wife went on maternity leave, she was not happy!!!!

Rob in Abernethy
Hi Fred dislocated my shoulder in a climbing fall. Was not diagnosed for 5 weeks and suffered badly for 3 years. That was 20 years ago and still flares up...But still climbing.

Judith in Gartmore
I broke my ankle Telemark skiing, it was just at Lake Louise in Canada. I was in denial and carried on skiing, was fine until I tried to turn! Had a fab ride off the mountain in a sledge stretcher & the following week went dog sledding with stookie on! The first thing they asked for at the hospital was my credit card :)


  • Comment number 1.

    I hurt toe playing football a few days before a snowboarding stag do, I carried on playing and it hurt like hell the next day. I then hobbled around the airport but still went snowboarding and had a great time. You can read a review of the holiday here: [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

    On returning from the trip I found out I had fractured a toe (a metatarsal injury like the pros!) and should have been avoiding walking and keeping my foot up. Instead I had been riding powder and busting out 360s!!! Although my foot hurt the adrenalin meant it never hurt enough to stop me playing in the match or snowboarding. So sometimes a broken bone is not obvious - I certainly don't regret going on what was a great holiday!


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