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Newsweek Scotland: Scottish Studies and Leadership Debates

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Derek Bateman Derek Bateman | 12:45 UK time, Friday, 30 September 2011

Do you know your own country? For example the producer has compiled the following questions for you to answer:

  • At which battle did Wallace and Moray defeat the Earl of Surrey and Hugh de Cressingham?
  • What did Sir David Brewster from Jedburgh invent that children play with today?
  • What's the best programme on Radio Scotland?*

This week MSPs debated the government's plan for a specific school subject of Scottish studies arguing that not enough of us know about our history, culture, politics and life in general. When it was first proposed in early summer there were moans about nationalist brainwashing of our young which disappeared yesterday in the chamber. Presumably it would be hard to claim that teaching pupils about their own country was indoctrination when, for example, Labour is taking airtime to tell us the party really is Scottish, don't you know.

On the programme we wonder what we are teaching our kids as the British obsession with the Nazis rages on in film, documentary, video games and the internet. We simply cannot see the modern Germany and the modern German without a fog of uniforms and swastikas. What is wrong with us? We discuss.

We find out how Scotland would defend itself if it were independent... one of the questions opponents have been asking the SNP. Perhaps Michael Moore will be listening when I speak to a former Lieutenant Colonel who will take on the role of GOC Scotland (Provisional) at Newsweek's request and will tell us what we need to keep ourselves safe.

We're in Saudi Arabia where they're finally getting around to giving women the vote... and ten lashes if they're found guilty of the heinous offence of driving a car.

And our coup this week is the first broadcast debate among the Scottish Tory leadership candidates. Not only have we got all four live on the programme, but I even know all their names! Hear them tomorrow at 8.

*If you said the Battle of Stirling Bridge and the kaleidoscope, you are right. If you said Newsweek to the third, thanks but the correct answer is Take the Floor with Robbie Shepherd! (tomorrow at 7pm)


  • Comment number 1.

    It was good to hear a sensible debate regarding the defence of Scotland after independence rather than the usual nonsense, I am quite sure our government will have no wish to empire build, rather, I envisage the hand of friendship being extended to the world

  • Comment number 2.

    Sorry. Missed the programme on Saturday.
    On another topic, it appears that Annabelles speech on Sunday was censored and altered from press release.According to the Telegraph she had intended topoint out that Scotland was not subsidised but that the reverse was true. This view did not appear in the subsequent speech. Should we be surprised?


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