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Sally on Sunday: Bishop Jack Spong, and Dementia

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 09:13 UK time, Saturday, 4 June 2011

Peter McManus, senior producer religion and ethics has sent us this blog about Sunday Morning with Sally Magnusson:

There's no shying away from difficult subjects on this week's edition of Sunday Morning with Sally Magnusson. Her guest for the first hour is controversial American Bishop Jack Spong whose radical thinking on the nature of God and religion has meant he's recieved death threats. But for a man whose earliest memory is being rebuked for calling an elderly black man 'sir' in America's deep South his life is one where he's stuck to his guns regardless of what others have thought.

Sally Magnusson with Bishop Jack Spong

Sally Magnusson with Bishop Jack Spong

The second half of the programme is devoted to a discussion of dementia. Sally hears from Tommy Whitelaw who is taking a break from caring for his mother to go on tour around Scotland. Not to collect money, but instead letters, containing the experiences of people caring for those with this devasting afflication. If it's something you'd like to contribute to email tommy@alzscot.org.uk.

In a more hopeful vein she'll also be talking to Roseanne Breckenridge from the charity Music in Hospitals about their work bringing relief and joy to dementia sufferers.


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    Ah yes, Spong. A man who says that there no personal relationship with God, Jesus wasn't divine, etc. But still insists on being called a Bishop, wearing robes and getting pay and a pension from the church. If someone says "This Christianity stuff is bunk but you should still all join the church and pay my salary and respect me as a Bishop" then is it any wonder than they get criticised?


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