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Tom's Top Tales: a sticky recipe

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 16:43 UK time, Thursday, 13 January 2011

As marmalade allegedly slips in the nation's affections, the Tom Morton Show unearths a superb recipe for the home made variety, from Wendy de Rusett, in Findochty, of the organisation Traditional Arts for School & Community (TASC).


Along with many other wonderful traditional things marmalade is less and less made and tasted by people. It is not too chewy if the orange peel is well cooked. I use about 20 oranges at a time, in my big jam pan which makes three batches. It is so easy to make. I use my mother's recipe.You just cover the oranges with water and boil them for a couple of hours until they are soft. Keep the water. Let them cool, cut each orange as thin or thick as you want. Keep the pips in till last because they produce pectin, the setting agent. Add a bit more water. Measure the mixture and for 1 pint of it, add 1 lb of jam sugar, just like jams and jellies. Boil until it sets on a cold spoon. Thiscan take (for me) about 40 minutes.

If in doubt, I leave it overnight and see if it sets, then boil it up again briefly to put into preheated jars. I make my own labels.

I look forward to January when the Seville oranges come in, some supermarkets don't stock them. Shame worse than that, they stock rows of marmalade which is not made from the bitter Seville oranges which just does not have THAT MARVELLOUS TANG AND AFTERTASTE.

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