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Edith Bowman featuring Lissie and The Belle Stars

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Richard Murdoch | 12:14 UK time, Wednesday, 1 December 2010

This week on Edith Bowman's Album Show we've reunited three members of The Belle Stars who have just released a double album of all the songs they recorded in the early 80s.

The Belle Stars

The Belle Stars were (and still are) unique for a girl group. Firstly there were 7 of them, they all played their instruments (including 2 saxophonists), they wrote a lot of their songs, didn't have a choreographer or stylist and they played live. Imagine that happening in today's economical and X Factor climate! They were frequent visitors to Scotland and regularly gigged in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. Here's an exclusive clip of Legs, Miranda and Claire talking fondly about their visits North of the Border.

One of our favourite albums of the year is Catching A Tiger by a young American singer-songwriter called Lissie. It's a strong debut album that's hard to pigeon hole. You'll find plenty of pop moments on there, a few indie and edgier tracks plus a couple of tunes that are roots influenced...infact Another Country with Ricky Ross is another show where you may have heard her music. Lissie is a great story teller and has plenty of life experiences to sing about. You can make up your own mind when you hear two stripped-down session tracks recorded exclusively for the Album Show this Friday night. She's clearly another fan of playing in Scotland as she's returning to Glasgow just six weeks since her last gig here. This is Lissie talking to Edith about that show at Oran Mor and getting to grips with local accents..

Lissie also reveals the first and last albums she loved. Her "first" is a unexpected choice and a great insight into the musical heritage of one of the most exciting new artists of the year. We also have a pile of new releases, reissued and classic album tracks to play you.

Friday night from 8pm on BBC Radio Scotland.


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