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Tom's Top Tales - how to check for sugar

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 14:00 UK time, Friday, 15 October 2010

Among the topics covered on the show this week was the whole business of using the wrong substance...like the American woman in the news who superglued her eyes, thinking she was inserting eye drops. No (permanent) harm done! This delightful tale from listener Fiona Gibney ensued:

Years ago, during my student nurse training in the local asylum, it was usual for all new admissions to have various medical checks done - including a urine sample. There was a terrible staff nurse who thought it amusing to show us wee gullible students how to test for sugar - he'd lift the test tube full of urine which unbeknownst to us had been substituted with Scotland's other national drink - and have a quick gargle and spit it down the sink - "That's how you check for sugar!", he'd proudly announce - and leave endless classes of students feeling a bit green about the gills.

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