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Tom's Top Tales week of 6 September

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 10 September 2010

Here's a thing. We were talking this week about being late, and the effects thereof. Frank from Glasgow sent this in, and I happen to know that the job interview he was five hours late for was at....the BBC. What a fine organisation that is!

"Many years ago I applied for a job in London.

My brother offered to drive me there as he had never been in 'the big smoke'
and so we set off very early in a southerly direction.

We got as far as the M6 just south of Birmingham when my brothers old Vauxhall Cavalier blew a major gasket and ground to a halt belching white smoke!!

As luck would have it we managed to limp into a service station approx 111 miles from London.

Try as I might and in a nice new suit I could not secure a lift!!!

I spotted a camper van containing an elderly man & his wife, Scottish ex-pats now living in America.

I walked over leaving my now covered in oil and cursing brother and After a quick explaination and some pleading I was off again!!

They dropped me at Brent Cross and A to Z in hand and after long unsure train and tube journeys and a quick sprint up Great Portland Street I arrived at my interview.
Is being 5 hours late a lot when it comes to making a good impression?

I thought so...I got the job though so all's well that ends well...

As for the kind Scottish couple who made it all possible...Here's tae us....whas like us...damn few and there all deid!!!

Frank in Glasgow"

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