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Potting Shed produce and broken presenters

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Helen Needham | 14:20 UK time, Thursday, 16 September 2010

It was with mixed emotions that I did my early Autumn tidy up around the Beechgrove Potting Shed Patio Garden: excessive pride at the carrots (however stunted - yes they said full size on the packet), beans and tatties. Tinged with sadness that there is nothing else on the go.

Beechgrove Potting Shed garden vegetables

Beechgrove Potting Shed garden vegetables

Need growing vegetables in containers stop in the winter months, I asked myself as I stacked the now empty pots? Are we limited to growing herbs and salads on windowsills, however satisfying that may be? I will be seeking the advice of our experts on the Beechgrove Potting Shed this Sunday. Meanwhile, as Summer becomes a memory the forward thinkers amongst us may already be contemplating Christmas. One such person is Carole Baxter, who has sent me on a mission to buy some 'prepared' hyacinth bulbs to plant on the programme this Sunday so that our office will be fragrant by Christmas. The orchids we were given a few months back by expert, Peter Timoney to look after in the office are still alive. And Laura Seawright's dying orchid has now come back to life after taking advice. So, it just goes to show, with a few pointers, ANYONE can grow things.


Meanwhile on Out of Doors, big boy presenter, Mark Stephen, turned 50 at the weekend. He was hoping to keep it all under wraps - but his wife Jean spilt the beans to Euan McIlwraith, who duly baked a cake and brought it in for the live show on Saturday morning. Mark was then inundated by messages and lots of fuss was made. Mark had obviously had a bout of man flu last week (or pre birthday blues!) - he was scheduled to go water skiing but called in to say he had a cold. We called Euan to see if he could do it instead but he's still recovering from straining his back whilst surfing on Belhaven Beach for the third in our series of Great Scottish Train Journeys - Edinburgh to Berwick . So with all the action men out of action, then it was up to producer, Denise Glass, to step in at the last minute. The result? Lots of screaming and water up her nose but a fine piece of adrenalin fuelled radio!


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