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Janice Forsyth meets KT Tunstall

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Janice Forsyth Janice Forsyth | 21:00 UK time, Friday, 10 September 2010

This week, the Janice Forsyth Show features a session and interview with Scottish musician KT Tunstall, you can watch a couple of the sessions below and Janice has written a wee post about their meeting.

I first met singer-songwriter and all-round Top Woman, KT Tunstall, back in January 2005 just before her career went supersonic. Her debut album, Eye To The Telescope, was just out and she came along to our studio to record a session and interview for my Saturday morning show.

At that point she was in her one-woman band phase, using a loop pedal to brilliant effect, building up layers of guitar and percussive sound.

She turned up at the studio alone, set up her gear, did a storming session, a great interview and off she went, and I remember clearly my producer Nick and I chatting about what a lovely, down-to-earth, talented girl she was, and that we hoped that, after years of playing tiny clubs and pubs all over the country, she would make the big-time.

She did of course, with that album going multi-platinum, and with songs from it being featured in countless film soundtracks.

Since then she's come on the show twice - the last time she was in a nice hotel, with a giant tour bus parked outside and a make-up artist on hand for her TV interviews, but she was the same bubbly KT offering to make us a cup of tea! And for her appearance on this week's Saturday Show, she came back to do a session at our studio, no loop pedal this time, just the guitar.

She sang 2 new songs from the new album, Tiger Suit, and then we had a chat.
And wow - what a chat it was - she revealed that despite the success she's enjoyed, she recently suffered a huge crisis of confidence and really questioned where she was going with her music. Fortunately she was able to take time off, travel a bit and get back in touch with who she really is, and her love of music. You can hear a shorter version of the interview on this week's show, and we'll put the full interview on this website after the show. We also filmed the session - so you can see as well as hear her in action!

I was interested to note that the day after our chat KT Tweeted that her new favourite phrase was "theraview" (combo of therapy & interview).

Listen in and you'll hear what she means!



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