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Caitlin Rose on Another Country

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Ricky Ross Ricky Ross | 08:44 UK time, Thursday, 30 September 2010

She asked if I'd ever been to Nashville, and I had to admit I had, but that I'd failed to find the heart of the place and that my own tastes veered more to the Americana side of things. "What does that word even mean?" she asked. "And what's wrong with country? Come to Nashville and I'll show you the good stuff." "I might just have to do that," I replied?

The writer is not me. It's from a piece in The Independent. The subject of the piece? Caitlin Rose. What a great reply. Want to hear more stuff like that? I certainly do. I'll give her every opportunity on Friday night when she'll be our live guest on Another Country on BBC Radio Scotland. Later that night she'll be opening for Deer Tick over at The Captain's Rest. If you have to miss the show then you have my blessing to be at that gig.

Lest we forget, we will re cap on our Movie Club's movie of the month, 'Walk The Line' about Johnny Cash. On the Facebook page you can suggest your favourite song from the soundtrack. I'd also be interested to hear your thoughts on the film here in the blog.

But that's not all. We'll have a world exclusive when we hear singer-songwriter Gurf Morlix's version of Clay Pigeons. Gurf's going to be at the Glasgow Americana Festival (don't tell Caitlin about that one!) when he kicks off the festival on October 10th.

More - oh yes. New music from The Duke and The King, Delta Spirit, Jim Jones Revue and Neil Young's new album Le Noise was produced by Dan Lanois and recorded by my good friend Mark Howard. I love it. It's worth the price and your two hour time commitment just to hear the track Hitchhiker. On Friday night from 8, you will.

Another Country With Ricky Ross is on BBC Radio Scotland, Fridays 2005-2200


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