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Working on The Festival Café

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 15:38 UK time, Friday, 6 August 2010

As Rich Preston wrote in his Festival Café blog earlier this week, the Festival Café team have been joined by four extra team members for the next few weeks. As well as booking acts, arranging screenings and recording items, they've been tasked with writing about their experiences here on the Radio Scotland blog:

From Emma Langman:

This has been my first week working on The Cafés and there's been a lot to learn so far. We've been getting ready for the Festival shows - researching, booking guests and making sure everything's ready for the live broadcasts. It's been really interesting seeing how the shows are put together from the start and it'll be great to be a part of them going out live. So I'm resting up this weekend in preparation for a very busy few weeks ahead!

The Festival Cafe volunteers

L-R: Catriona MacLeod, Emma Langman, Melanie Morides, Fiona Carlyle

From Catriona MacLeod:

Festival Café, My Day in Numbers: So far I have: made two cups of tea and one cup of coffee, received one hug from Patrick Monahan, sent nine very important emails, booked one taxi for Alex Zane and spent approximately 124.56 minutes being excited about our live shows next week. TWO DAYS TO GO.

Tune into the Festival Café every weekday at 1315 for the next two weeks to hear their live shows from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. You can also follow them on twitter.


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