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The Alternative Histories of Celtic and Rangers. ep3

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Simone Byrne Simone Byrne | 10:57 UK time, Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Alternative Histories of Celtic and Rangers is a 4 part series which offers alternative opinion and discourse of Celtic and Rangers from Tom Devine, Graham Spiers, Ruth Wishart and Lesley Campbell.

In this third episode of the series, journalist and broadcaster, Ruth Wishart examines the relationship between women and the old firm.

Ruth Wishart

Ruth Wishart

Something of a scoop....an interview with the woman who starred in the 1980 Old Firm Cup Final. Admittedy she didn't come on the pitch until the 90 minutes were up. And when she did, Elaine Mudie was one of a thin blue line of mounted police trying to quell a pitched battle between rival Rangers and Celtic fans. She keeps a scrapbook of the day, and vivid memories of trotting from outside the Hampden turnstiles, down a tunnel into a hail of flying missiles. Later that day, in civvies, and in the pub with her boyfriend, she has the surreal experience of watching herself on the TV news.

For other women, violence and the Old Firm provide less happy recollections. Those waiting at home for husbands and partners who make take their post match frustrations out on the women with whom they live if the "wrong" team has won, and they've returned in an alcohol fuelled fury.

Then there are the female fans, no less fervent than their male counterparts in many cases. A high fashion item for one woman in our programme is her treasured pair of Rangers pyjamas. To each, as they say, their own.

The Alternative Histories of Celtic and Rangers continues Wednesday 1130 on BBC Radio Scotland.


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