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MacAulay and Co at the Edinburgh Fringe 19 Aug.

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 12:40 UK time, Thursday, 19 August 2010

My second day at the EICC, Fringe venue 150 for MacAulay and Co, and later, The Festival Cafe.

It was the penultimate MacAulay and Co show and the venue organisers had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate today's audience for a very enjoyable 90 minutes. I'm amazed at how many guests Fred manages to pack into the programme, and always slightly ashamed that I've heard of so few of them (I don't have my finger on the comedy pulse!) That said, I wish I was spending more time in Edinburgh and could go and see some of the comedians I sampled this morning.

On MacAulay and Co today were Sammy J, Elis James, Justin Moorehouse, Jack Whitehall, Addy Van der Borgh, Let the People Decide (a quartet of impressionists who did amongst others David Cameron, Terry Wogan, Billy Connolly and Lorraine Kelly), Dave Thornton, and Andrew Maxwell. Andrew is a regular fringe guest on MacAulay and Co and had the audience in stitches and Fred and the production team looking more than a little uncomfortable with his inimitable brand of humour about sectarianism, glasgow, edinburgh, football, and more religion... As he pointed out to Fred though - he knew what he was getting when he booked him!

MacAulay and Co 19 Augusttop left: Fred talking to Sammy J, top right: Susan Calman talking to the audience, bottom left: The audience laughing at Andrew Maxwell's jokes, bottom right: Sammy J

MacAulay and Co 19 Augusttop left/right: Let The People Decide, bottom left: Dave Thornton, bottom right: Addy Van der Borgh

MacAulay and Co 19 Augusttop left: Andrew Maxwell, top right: Jack Whitehall, bottom left: Fred MacAulay, bottom right: Justin Moorehouse

And, talking of comedians, I went to see one I am familiar with, Radio Scotland favourite, and Swots headmaster, Miles Jupp last night at the Guilded Balloon. His show is about his decision in 2005 to become a cricket commentator, and even if you're not a fan of cricket (I'm not) it's a very funny show.


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