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Twitter and tweeting on BBC Radio Scotland

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 15:29 UK time, Thursday, 8 July 2010

Rich Preston from the Café's team has sent us this blog about how they use Twitter.

How BBC Radio Scotland producers find stories, grab guests and share with their audience on the Twitter micro-blogging service.

Millions of people around the world use Twitter to share their thoughts, keep up-to-speed with what's happening in the world, interact with friends, interact with strangers, and much more besides. Twitter has hit the headlines due to its instant and open nature - the story of the plane crash in the Hudson was first broken on Twitter, and it became an important source of information during the Iranian election protests in 2009.

It's very simple - you post a message in 140 characters or less. Anyone who likes what you say can choose to 'follow' you, getting regular updates on what you're posting. And what you post (or 'Tweet') is also searchable by other Twitter users and on the wider web.

For programme-makers, we like to shout about what we're doing. Radio Scotland's Book, Culture, Movie, Comedy Café and Festival Cafe programmes have been on Twitter for nearly a year now and have built up a strong profile in this area. And we're adding more and more followers every day.

Regardless of followers, however, your Tweets are searchable by anyone on the internet. So if you post something about a big celeb coming in to your studio, anyone who's searching for the latest on that celeb can stumble across your Tweet. What a great way to bring new listeners to the programme!

In the fast-paced, quick-turnaround world of daily live shows, we're able to update our followers on what we're doing, what's coming up on the programme and what we'd like to talk about. But more importantly we're able to get feedback from our listeners and interact directly with the people who make up our audience. Gone are the days of writing a letter to your favourite radio programme - you can Tweet us and get chatting straight away.

I've been giving 'Tweetorials' to my fellow Radio Café colleagues (or 'Twits'?) about how to get the most out of Twitter and everyone's enthusiastic about the ways we can use Twitter to get the most out of our programmes. Through punchy posts, @replies and hashtags (if you're not a Tweeter then that'll mean nothing to you...) we've been keeping in touch with the people behind the stories we're interested in, we've booked guests and we've taken questions from our listeners.

As we get into the swing of setting up for the Edinburgh Festivals and launching our special Festival Café programme, Twitter is going to be one of our main tools for keeping us up to speed with what's happening and what people think, as well as letting people know what we're doing on our programmes and chatting with the audience about what they want to hear.

Enough of the Twitter jargon and morphed lexicon for now...to see what we've been saying, you can find (and follow) us on Twitter:

There are of course other BBC Radio Scotland programmes on Twitter too:


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