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Sports Reporting from St Andrews

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Simone Byrne Simone Byrne | 16:57 UK time, Thursday, 15 July 2010

Liam McLeod

Liam McLeod updates us on the highlights, low scoring and bad weather from the St Andrews Open Championships.

The Open Championship, the jewel in golf's crown and when in Scotland, one of the highlights of the Scottish sporting calender.

Mid-July, the kids on holiday, ice cream vans dotted around periphery of the course.

The St Andrews sand being kissed by the sea with the stunning Fife town ready to welcome visitors from around the world as the medieval buildings glisten as the sun rises.

It's picture post card imagery.

So, why, upon my arrival the day before the championship began, did it look like I'd stepped onto the set of disaster movie the day after tomorrow?

I was greeted along with my colleague Thomas Mcguigan by the opposite of what mid-July should look and feel like.

I arrived in the media centre of the most famous golf course in the world for its biggest event and in the height if summer, soaked to the bone and suffering from brain freeze.

The 15 minute walk from the car park felt like 15 hours as we battled against the ridiculous and mistimed elements.

Now, if you thought we had it bad, try being a golfer who has to keep his ball as straight and narrow down the fairway as he can to give himself half a chance of finding the green.

The fact the champions match to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the championship was cancelled came as no surprise on Wednesday as I was sure the media tent was set to take flight.

Thankfully, today has been much kinder, not that it could have been much worse!

The scoring has been low, the top players have been on form and even the now much maligned world number one Tiger Woods is smiling and he'll have done precious little of that these past 8 months.

As I write this, one man smiling more than the rest is Rory McILroy.
The floppy haired northern Irishman set a new modern day course record and equalled the lowest score in any major with a 9 under par 63 first round. It was extraordinary.

The only person happier with that is my colleague Alison Walker who stuck 20 sheets on McILroy triumphing come Sunday last night.

At the moment that is looking a good bet even if the summer is suffering from amnesia.

Listen to Sportsound live on MW for up to date coverage of the Open Championship.


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